Samsung subwoofer blue light on but no sound

Samsung subwoofer blue light on but no sound. Samsung subwoofer is the speaker that has the indication of blue light for working. If it has an issue in working then it maybe has the light of the speaker on but it is not giving the sound.

The subwoofer blue light is on but the speakers are not working, the issue is on working and it also does not maybe have a good system which does not allow it to work.

This is the device that works on the connections why Samsung subwoofer blue light Problem are not wire-based and these are the very best connections, you have to set this because they’re in this condition the blue light is on but no sound is coming from the speaker.

Samsung subwoofer blue light on but no soundsubwoofer blue light on but no sound

The blue light in that device is the indication of turning on the speaker, if this light is on then you should see that your speaker is working but maybe the issue is another that the speaker is not working. Some issues are the representation of the problem:

1. Speaker volume is low

If the blue light is on but the speakers are not giving sound, that means the speakers have a low volume and maybe low that it does not release the sound, because sometimes you went out for work and left the speaker working, and someone else low the sound and make it low that it is equal to the sound which does not exist.

This is maybe the main reason that you have no idea that other ones do this thing and you are in the confusion that your speakers get worse and they solve the problem.

This problem is not big but due to carelessness you are not aware of it, when you pay attention you can not think that it is the big problem.

2. loose wiringloose wiring

Maybe the loose wiring is the issue, if something is facing an issue you have to check the issue that how much the issue is, and also how much it contains to be.

In this problem the issue is with the wiring, maybe the wiring gets loose. Loose wiring is the thing that the speaker is still working but the main board of the speaker has an issue with the release of sound.

The sound is not coming but the light is maybe on and still representing that the speaker is on but the sound is still creating issues.

Check the issue that is in the wiring and if possible so make it right by paying some attention and also by performance.

3. Volume of mobile is mute

Samsung subwoofer is connected to the phone, from the phone you just play the music and do not concentrate that the volume is working or not.

The volume of the mobile is mute when the volume of the mobile is mute and this is maybe the main thing but you do not know that this problem is with the sound that it does not come.

If your phone is connected and the music is playing, the blue light is on there is no issue with the blue light but the music you played has no sound this is the cause of the problem. Check the problem and also solve the problem by unmuting or increasing the volume.

4. Mobile disconnected

Speaker is connected but the mobile is disconnected, the speaker is on but if the mobile gets disconnected as you went out from the zone of the connection this is the cause of the loss in the signals.

When signals get lost and the problem is that when signals are not caught by the device this does not display the sound.

Make sure that the device which you are using for the connection can be kept in the zone of the connection when you get out from that zone you can come to know that the speaker is on as the light of the speaker is on but the speaker is not working, means it does not give the sound which is the main problem that you are facing and needs the solution.

5. USB stop workingUSB stop working

If you are using USB instead of the phone because you may not make the connection of the mobile good with the speaker because you can go urgently to work and also carry a phone with you and this connection may not remain good.

You use USB as this does not need the connection it works only when you attach this to the speakers.

The light of the speaker is on but it has no sound this means that the USB stop working means it is not playing the sound more.

If it plays no more sound then the issue is with the music or also with the USB here issue is not with the speaker, check the music or USB as these are the cause of problems, otherwise, there is no problem and your speakers are safe and not having problem in them.

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