Jam classic speaker wont charge

Jam classic speaker wont charge. Jam classic speakers are beautiful devices for enjoying music in a loud voice. Usually, they work well for a long time if you take care of them.

However, if you keep them open, dust and debris gather in their charging and headphone ports, and they stop charging and connecting headphones.

If the jam classic speaker is not charging, it is very frustrating because once it happened to me that I charged the device for two hours at night, but when I press the power button in the morning to start the speaker, it does not turn on.

It was a worrying situation for me when I checked the power cord of the speaker, its wire was damaged, and I had to change the cable to charge the speaker.

Therefore, I am writing my research on the causes of why a jam classic speaker won’t charge and how we can troubleshoot it so that it starts charging again.

Jam classic speaker wont chargeJam classic speaker wont charge 2022

Different kinds of issues occur if your classic speaker is not charging. It could be an issue with its battery, a damaged power cord, an issue with the wall outlet, etc., so continue to read further about this issue.

Not plugged in accurately

Ensure to plug in the cord properly in the wall outlet when you charge the classic speaker because if you do not plug in the charger tightly, the current will not begin to flow from the charger to the speaker.

So, whenever you check that the speaker battery is low and it’s time to charge the speaker, plug in the charger properly and see that the charge indicator is flashing on the speaker.

Broken power cord

If the jam classic speaker is not charging after two hours, check its power cord because there are chances that the power cable is broken. It’s essential to take care of the cable if you leave it tangling and twisting.Broken power cord

Power cables are susceptible, and you must be careful when charging the speaker and pulling them out from the socket after completing the charging.

No power in the outlet

It does not happen so often, but I am explaining because no power in the outlet could be one of the reasons for your speaker.

Sometimes, the wall socket in which you have plugged in the cord to charge the speaker has no power due to low voltage or an issue in the wiring. So, try to charge the speaker in another socket in the home to confirm this point.

Faulty port

Jam classic speaker usually does not create any issue for a long time, but if dust and debris gather in its charging ports, it stops charging.

So, keeping your speaker far away from the dust is essential. Do not let in the room or outside when you are not listening to the music.

If the speaker is not charging, take a small toothbrush, gently rub the brush on the charging port, and try to remove the debris.

If there is no other issue with the speaker, it will start to charge the speaker after cleaning the dust.

Damaged battery

If you have checked all the above factors and still the speaker is not charging, the last thing to check is its battery. Sometimes, if you overcharge the battery for the whole night or for some other reason, the battery becomes faulty.

If you don’t want to throw your jam classic speaker, replace the faulty battery by contacting the expert.

Contact manufacturers

If you have recently purchased the speaker and its warranty card is present, you can send it back to the company and get a new jam classic speaker instead.

If the warranty card is over, and you are thinking of repairing the speaker, there is no need to repair the speakers because they are available in the market at low prices, and there is a waste of money to repair the speaker.

The bottom line

The final words on this article are if your jam classic speaker is not charging, first of all, check the cord is plugged correctly in the right socket in which electric current is present.

Then clean the dust from the charging port with the help of a brush because if debris gathers in the port, it stops the USB port from charging the device. The last thing that can be the culprit is a faulty battery that can be checked only by the experts.

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