Xbox 360 not reading discs says open tray

Xbox 360 not reading discs says open tray. Xbox is like the CD ROM; you can insert a disk into it, and this star works because it has no data to play. This X box works only when you insert something into it; otherwise, it does not start working.

There you have to insert disks that contain data in them, and it plays that data; the data is of any type and can be played by the Xbox. It also has a tray like the CD ROM that contains the disks.

There the issue with the Xbox 360 is that it is not reading the discs, that do not play the disks, and says that there is no disk which means that the tray is empty and it needs material to work, and this is due to the error as you inserted the disk, but still the message is appearing that the tray is empty.

Xbox 360 not reading discs says open trayXbox 360 not reading discs

Every problem has many reasons behind it, and I will tell you about these reasons and their solutions. If these are the reasons, what do you do about it. These are some given below:

1. Disc is not inserted completely

If Xbox is giving the error that there is no disk, place the disk which place you always use to insert. Sometimes you are in a hurry and place the disk hurriedly; in that situation, your disk is not placed completely in the Xbox, which displays that error.

The proper insertion of the disk in the tray is very important if you want to play the data; otherwise, not even that data play, but it can also display the error that there is no disk.


Place the disk carefully in the tray, and remind that the incorrect insertion is not good for the disk to play data. This is the big reason behind the error: you do not place the disk carefully in the exact place.

The solution to that problem is to take the torch and the disk and place the disk in the whole light and where it needs the insertion.

2. Tray needs the airing

Another reason behind that problem is the tray needs airing, this airing you may say that necessary for the disk. Sometimes your disk and the tray both need airing; you have to give them air that is very good for them to work.

It would help if you always aired the machinery; this is the best way that the machinery does not get worse when you do not give it air; this may get damaged and create an issue.


The solution to this problem is that you have to blow some air in the tray and the disk both; there may be any moist or other things that can be eliminated by using the air blow; air blow is a very simple and easy step that is used for the removal of the moisture from it. Blow some air whether sing anything of your choice.

3. Disk has some marks on itDisk has some marks on it

There are some marks on the disk that do not allow the disk to work, and the Xbox displays the error that there is no disk.

The disk only works when there is no mark, no spot on it; if you observe any spots, you have to clean it. These spots can also cause damage to the disk; if you want your disk good, then clean the disk.


The marks are very dangerous for the disk and do not allow it to work properly. You have to clean the disk; the problem is that when you use the disk, you have to clean it thoroughly with tissue or a soft cloth.

That does not disturb the disk, but it can also not damage and clean it. So before using the disk, you can use a cloth like the dusting and clean the disk, which results in better working.

Use continuous closing and opening the disk for the solutionUse continuous closing and opening the disk for the solution

There you have to use the opening and the closing disks continuously, which means that when your disk is not working, you have to make it work by closing it.

If it does not start working, then open the tray and wait for some time and again close the tray; when you do this procedure about 4 to 5 times, the disk comes to its place, and simple words you may say that the tray and disk both get fresh or refreshes and they both start working well now.

If it faces any issue, you can do many remedies that are used in daily life to solve many problems. These remedied procedures are not only easy but also very fruitful for your work.

This is a very easy process, and if the problem is solved using this procedure, there is nothing very good and easy like this.

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