Beatsx won’t turn on

Beatsx won’t turn on. BeatsX is a great device to listen to music and call when driving or walking on the road. People who habitually listen to the music in beatsX feel frustrated if their device does not turn on.

If your beatsX device is not turning on, the first thing to check is whether it has changed or not. Sometimes you forget to charge your headphones and switch them on when you try to press their power button. It does not turn due to no charging.

If there is no issue with the charging and still the beatsX is not turning on, you need to factory reset the device. If you are reading this article, it means your beatsX device is also not turning on, so keep reading my research on this issue to fix your device yourself.

However, there is no need to check the device at the service center because its price is less, and the charges you pay to someone to fix the device, you can purchase a new one at that price.

Beatsx won’t turn onBeatsx wont turn on

If your beatsX doesn’t turn on, read my research on this topic because I have been using this device for one year.

I know what are teh fundamental reasons if the device does not turn on, so don’t turn the page and read the complete article to learn how to troubleshoot this issue without hiring an expert.

No charging

The first and foremost thing to check when the beatsX device does not turn is whether it has a charge or not. Occasionally, you plug in your device to charge, but someone in the house pulls out the plug, and the device is not fully charged.

Some devices do not turn on until they are ultimately charged, so plug in your device until it is not entirely charged and try to press the power switch to turn on the beatsX device.

Another possible cause beyond this issue is that the wall outlet in which you have charged the device is faulty, and it has not charged the device; therefore, the headset is not turning on, so try to charge the device in some other wall outlet and switch it on.

Reset the beatsX device

If you are confirmed that there is no problem with the charging and you have charged the device ultimately. The next step is to reset the device. It is not a difficult task to factory reset the device.

Hold your hand on the power button and your second hand on the volume button for 8 to 10 seconds. When the signal light turns on, then free your hands.

Now bring your beatsX device close to your mobile phone and connect it by pressing the power switch for 3 seconds. If there is no other issue, the device must turn on after resetting the device.

Check the beatsX wireCheck the beatsX wire

If the device is still not turned on, check the wire deeply because its wires are susceptible. If you misuse the headset and put it in your pockets, wires can become loose or broken due to twisting in the pocket.

Upgrade your phone OS

You can try this tip to turn on the beatsX device. Upgrade your phone to the latest version because it could be why your phone’s old version OS is the cause of this problem.

Contact with service center

If you don’t want to throw your beatsX headphones, the last option is to check your headset at to service center because they can give the final opinion on whether the beatsX can be repaired or the device should be sent back to the factory for detailed repairing.

It is suggested that you listen to his device because there is no other option for you to follow.

The final word

The final words in this article are beatsX devices are good to have to listen to the music and call when you are doing some work because they have good quality.

But if you don’t take care of them by putting them into pockets, their wire becomes twisted and tangled, and the device does not turn on. However, if the device won’t turn on, then check these points.

No charging
Reset the beatsX device
Check the beatsX wire
Upgrade your phone OS
Contact with service center

I am hopeful that this article will help you to fix this problem.

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