How To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar Without Remote

How To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar Without Remote. The subwoofer and soundbar should be connected to power and then switched on. Then the Samsung soundbar app is needed. Then set the id of the soundbar and pair the soundbar with subwoofers by pressing the id button.

After misplacing my Samsung remote, I still wanted to connect my subwoofers and the soundbar. It was my Samsung movie night. Though without a remote, I thought the subwoofers wouldn’t work.

After thinking, I read the guide. I then knew connecting the subwoofers with the soundbar without the remote was possible. I used my subwoofers and enjoyed it. You can too.

So keep reading!.

How To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar Without RemoteHow To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar

Imagine facing a soundbar issue because of losing the remote. I know it. I didn’t see a soundbar connection without using a remote. But I learned to use subwoofers and soundbar together without a remote.

Samsung soundbar app installation is the most crucial subwoofer connecting step. Download it. Then phone with soundbar by pairing them. Your phone is now the remote.

The id set button is present on the subwoofers; press it and pair the subwoofers with the soundbar and the phone remote. Sometimes just turning the subwoofers on will automatically. However, both subwoofers and the soundbar need to be simultaneously turned on.

Automatic connection

Samsung bringing new soundbar features and connection specifications isn’t new. Samsung sets the soundbar’s link ID during manufacturing before ending it out of the company.

The Id enables the soundbar to connect with subwoofers immediately. The subwoofer connection isn’t just immediate, but also automatic.

The Samsung soundbar and also the subwoofers need to be off before the link begins. Plug the subwoofers and the soundbar cors on their back and then in the outlet nearby.

Power them both, and the subwoofer automatically connects with the soundbar because of the set-id. Though if the subwoofers didn’t connect, then you need to wait for a bit of time before you connect the soundbar and the woofers.

When the subwoofers establish a stable connection with the soundbar, the LED becomes steady, which means the blue LED shows connection stability and connectivity.

If you see the LED blinking rather than being stable, there isn’t any connection. Follow the steps until the blue LED becomes stable.

Manual connection

If an automatic soundbar connection isn’t working and you still don’t have the remote, then work manually. The compatibility of the Samsung soundbar with subwoofers is the biggest issue.

Connection depends on the compatibility of the devices. Incompatible devices of Samsung don’t connect with other devices. The software and model affect the compatibility of the device.

The device needed a native preparation. The Samsung devices, after confirming compatibility, should be brought to a close range. The devices need to be partnered in a specific area to use them together.

Suppose a single Samsung device is on; power it off. Then let the Samsung soundbar stay off for a minute. Same with subwoofers. Powering off removes the temporary data and memory present in them.

Now power them simultaneously. Now comes the phone and soundbar connection. You’ll need the Samsung sound bar app for the soundbar and phone connection.

Download the Samsung soundbar app from any store it’s available on. Open and scroll Samsung soundbar app. Find the option with the name wireless remote or digital remote.

Clicking this option will automatically search for the soundbar and connect with the phone. Bluetooth is required for pairing phones with the soundbar.

If Bluetooth is off, press the source button on the soundbar. You’ll see BT and then BT pairing. When Bluetooth is on, you’ll see Bluetooth ready.

Now comes the actual pairing. This phone will act as a digital remote. Now the Bluetooth is enabled, and we can start. In the Samsung soundbar app, open the digital remote option. If the phone were paired before, it’d connect automatically in several seconds. Hold the ID button to connect the device and start pairing.

Blue light shows the device is ready for pairing. Keep pressing the upward button for five seconds after you have released the ID button. After this Id set will appear automatically. The id shown on the soundbar offers a successful connection with the woofers.

The last word

Connecting the soundbar with an extra pair of subwoofers without the remote is possible and easy. Samsung provides a guide in which manual connection and automatic subwoofer connection are mentioned.

Read the above pairing steps and enjoy watching with high-definition sound quality at your home.

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