Fire stick not connected to wifi and lost remote

Fire stick not connected to wifi and lost remote. If you want to connect the Fire stick to Wi-Fi but don’t have a remote, then you can use the Firestick mobile app to control the TV’s functioning. Using an HDMI cable to connect to Wi-Fi doesn’t require a remote. It’s pretty easy.

My Fire stick wasn’t connected to Wi-Fi so I couldn’t stream my favorite show’s latest episode. I lacked the remote control I needed to use the Fire stick and access the internet.

I was worried that the show would get spoiled by my friends on social media, so I asked a friend about Firestick and Wi=Fi and told him that my remote was missing. He gave me a few ideas that helped me stream my show before it got spoiled.

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Fire stick not connected to wifi and lost remoteFire stick not connected to wifi

Having to lose your remote and miss your favorite show because of your lost remote and no connection. These two problems should be separate, but having a combo is the worst.

The actions of the Firestick aren’t controllable without the help of a remote. However, there are two methods that you can use to operate Firestick without a remote control.

If you don’t have a remote for your Firestick, then download the Firestick app and enjoy the perks of having a smartphone remote. If you don’t have a smartphone with you, using an HDMI cable to connect to the internet without the remote is your easy choice. Let’s see more.

Using Firestick app

If you have lost your Firestick remote and don’t know how to control the device and connect to your phone, then using your smartphone instead of doing a lot of work is the best idea.Using Firestick app

Just go to the smartphone’s respective store and download the Firestick app by searching it. You’ll see the Firestick app on the top. Download it, and the Firestick will automatically install.

Open the Firestick app and connect to your Firestick TV. After connecting, you can use the smartphone and app together as a TV remote. You can use the phone remote to control the Wi-Fi settings of your Firestick.

The steps for connecting the Wi-Fi using a smartphone remote are the same as using the original remote to connect to the Wi-Fi. Connect to Wi-Fi and then enjoy the show you want while using the smartphone remote.


Using an HDMI CEC is a great idea if you don’t have a smartphone or your app isn’t working like a remote. This method only works if the CEC mode is already enabled.

If the CEC mode isn’t enabled, then trying to connect through HDMI will all be in vain. But if the CEC mode is activated, you are good to connect.

If the HDMI-CEC mode is already activated, you just need to connect the CEC through the HDMI port, and you will be able to control the Firestick TV. After you have connected through HDMI-CEC, you’ll be able to enjoy streaming.

Another remoteAnother remote

If your CEC mode is disabled, you have no use of HDMI, so your chance of using the HDMI port is a no-go. You don’t need to worry if the HDMI port isn’t working.

To use the Firestick, additional remote control is available. Another remote here actually means using a spare remote.

You can get a new remote from Amazon or a store nearby if you lose your remote. Just go to the store or online and state the model of your Firestick, and they will give you a matching remote. You can use the remote just like before and connect to the internet.

LG phones

If you don’t have a spare remote or the HDMI trick. You can use your LG phone. This is quite similar to the app, but in LG phones, you don’t need to download the app to control the device, but the built-in function and software of universal remote allows LG devices to control a lot of devices and enjoy them.

Open your LG device, and you will see the remote app already installed in it. You will see options for all devices. You can search for your device, connect to it, and then turn on the Wi-Fi.

The last word

An Amazon Firestick is great, but a remote problem isn’t great. Get another remote if you don’t already have one for any reason. You may operate the Firestick with your smartphone. Controlling using HDMI-CMC is possible as well. Thanks for reading.

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