Lg g4 stuck on lg screen fix

Lg g4 stuck on lg screen fix. LG g4 mobiles are best to have because you can download different apps on them to use. A lot of new features are installed in them to facilitate the users.

However, it’s necessary to take care of them because if you use them roughly, they start to malfunction, and you will have to pay for the repairing charges.

If your LG g4 is stuck on the LG screen fix and your mobile is not switching, keep reading this article because I will explain how to fix this issue.

You will have to factory reset the mobile to switch on the mobile, but if the lf mobile still does not turn on, do not open the back screws to check the issue because you can damage the mobile, which is more disaster.

LG g4 stuck on LG screen fixLG g4 stuck on LG screen fixing

LG g4 mobile is a good brand because it produces excellent and reliable models, but if your LG g4 mobile is switched off due to low charging.

When you press the power button after charging it for two hours, its screen gets stuck on; you don’t need to frustrate it because and follow these steps to factory reset the device.

Step 1

If your mobile is turned off due to low charging, charge it with a regular LG mobile charger for approximately;y two hours and press the power button to restart it.

Unfortunately, if it does not start entirely and is just stuck on the LG logo, wait for some seconds but still, if it does not move forward and remains stuck on the same logo screen. Switch off the mobile by pressing the power button for one minute.

Push the power button again to switch on the mobile. If it does not stick on now and is turned on entirely, your problem is resolved if stuck on again; it’s time to factory reset the mobile.

Step 2

If your LG g4 mobile has a removable battery and its screen is stuck on the screen on switching on the mobile, detach the back cover of the mobile gently and pull out the battery for two minutes.

After two minutes, refix the battery in the mobile properly and put the back cover on the mobile. Now charge the mobile for half an hour and press the power button; if the mobile has no technical issue, it will switch on now and not get stuck on the LG logo screen.

Step 3

If the mobile does not switch on after removing the battery, the last option is to factory reset the mobile. I am telling you in advance if you don’t know that if you are going to factory reset the mobile, all data saved on the mobile will be removed.

It takes no time to factory reset the LG mobile. Read these points carefully.

  • Turn off the mobile if the mobile is stuck on one screen and does not move backward and backward.
  • Press the power button to turn the mobile.
  • When you see the LG logo come, place your left hand on the power button and your right hand on the decrease volume button for five seconds.
  • Keep pressing the switch continuously until you see the recovery mode on the screen.
  • Now you can use the volume keys to scroll the options to select.
  • When the factory reset process completes, your cell phone will begin to restart and does not stick now.

Contact with service center

If yet the mobile is not switching on properly, it could have an issue with the motherboard, so check it to the mobile repairing shop.

If you purchased the LG mobile some time ago and its warranty card is present, you can send the mobile back to the manufacturer to repair or replace it.

The bottom line

The article’s bottom line is that if your LG g4 mobile is stuck on the logo while switching on, remove the battery and reinsert it.

If it does not make any change, you need to factory reset the mobile by pressing the power switch and decreasing the volume button for 5 seconds until the mobile restart.

Your last option is to send back the cell phone to the company for repairing or replacing the mobile.

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