Droid Turbo 2 Won’t Charge

Droid Turbo 2 Won’t charge. Motorola Droid Turbo won’t charge if the phone’s battery is completely worn out or is dead. The charging IC of the phone may be fried, or the charging has some issue. Replacing the battery and fixing the charging jack may solve the charging issue of Motorola.

I hadn’t used my Motorola Turbo 2 for some time, so I decided to charge the phone before using it again. I put my phone on charge and found out my Motorola wasn’t charging.

I looked up Motorola’s websites, and I already have knowledge about phones, so I pinpointed the charging issue easily. I fixed my Droid and was able to use my phone again. Fixing the android’s charging issue isn’t a problem.

Droid Turbo 2 Won’t ChargeDroid Turbo 2 Won't Charge 2022

Having a charging issue in Motorola or any other phone makes it useless. But the phones with charging issues don’t get as useless as you think. The phones with charging issues can be repaired.

The charging issues of phones, be it Motorola turbo 2 or any other model, can have 4 main issues. The 4 main phone charging issues include the phone’s battery being completely dead and useless.

The 2nd issue with the phone not charging is the phone’s charging jack, which won’t allow the droid to get charged. The third charging issue with the phone can be the charging IC.

The 4th charging issue of the phone is related to the charging cable. Other issues can be caused by the complete frying of the phone’s motherboard.

Battery dead

The battery is the most important component of Motorola Turbo 2 or any other phone. Motorola Turbo 2 carries a 3900 mAh Li-Ion battery. The battery, although it may be good, isn’t going to last a lifetime.Battery dead

Leaving your phone for too long without charging the phone can ruin the phone’s battery.

The battery without charge completely drains itself and ends up getting filled with air and expanding like a balloon. The Motorola’s battery can damage the board, too, so fixing the battery should be done ASAP.

If the battery of the Motorola turbo is the problem, then you need to replace the Turbo 2’s battery. Replacing the Motorola’s battery doesn’t require an expert as you just remove the back of the phone.

You’ll see the old battery. It may or may not be filled with air. Just take the phone’s battery out and place the new one. Try charging the phone, and it’ll charge.

Charging Jack broken

The 2nd major not charging problem of Motorola Turbo 2 is caused by the charging jack. If the battery of your phone is in good health or you have replaced the battery, but the phone still isn’t charging, then your phone has a faulty or broken charging jack.

The charging jack is present on the bottom of the droid. If the charging jack of the phone is broken or damaged, then you may meet to get the charging jack replaced.

Until the charging jack is repaired, the battery won’t charge, and with a dead battery, you won’t be able to use the phone. Replacing a phone’s charging jack is easy, but it requires accuracy and tools.

You should not do it if you don’t have the tools and knowledge. Replacing the jack should be done by a professional, so send the Motorola Turbo 2 to get repaired by the company.

Charging IC fried

If the phone has a new battery and the charging Jack has been checked and is correct, then you may have a charging IC problem. The charging IC problem is a very bad issue. The charging IC is very small and is present on the board of the phone.

If the charging IC of the phone is the issue, it’s recommended to get the charging IC replaced by a professional. Having the company deal with the charging issue is a battery, so they’ll solve the issue and solve further problems that your Motorola has.

Charging cable damagedCharging cable damaged

Have you thought about the Motorola turbo’s charging issue? The charging problem may not be in the phone, but in the cable, you are using to charge the phone or the adapter of the charger.

Before you open the phone, try using another charger to charge your Turbo 2.

The last word

If your Motorola Turbo 2 doesn’t charge, then you can read the 4 main charging issues that this phone or any other may have. Charging your droid won’t be harmful before use.

I recommend charging your phone once in a while, even if you are not using it. Thanks for reading.

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