Nabi Touchscreen Not Working

Nabi Touchscreen Not Working. The basic reason why the touch of Nabi doesn’t work is that the touch isn’t calibrated. Calibrating the touch will start the device’s touch screen working. A broken touch screen won’t let the touch work either. The loosened touchscreen connections also stop the touch from functioning.

My friend with her Nabi came to me and was sad because she thought her tablet was broken and it won’t get fixed. I asked her to let me check the tablet. The problem with her Nabi was minor.

Fixing mobiles for some time, I knew the way to fix the tablet, and her tablet problem only required calibrating the touch. The biggest Nabi touch problem is related to the touchscreen being loose, and that problem sometimes isn’t detected.

Nabi Touchscreen Not WorkingNabi Touch screen Not Working

Nabi is great to use for girls. Playing and streaming with Nabi is cool, but it isn’t cool when the Nabi tablet stops working from its touchscreen.

You were going to play with Nabi, but the mood got ruined when the touchscreen wasn’t working. The touchscreen issue is caused by several reasons.

The most common Nabi touchscreen issue leads to touch calibration. If the touchscreen isn’t working, then the touchscreen may be off from the settings. The loose touchscreen jack from the inside also doesn’t let the tablet use the touchscreen.

The worst-case scenario for a touchscreen not working is a broken touchscreen. The touchscreen, when broken, needs to be replaced with a matching touch.

Broken touchscreen

If the Nabi isn’t working by touch, then your touchscreen is probably broken. Having a broken touchscreen on Nabi is one of the worst-case scenarios. The touchscreen won’t work no matter how hard you touch or press it.

Pressing unnecessarily may even damage the display panel that is present below the touchscreen. A pro tip with broken touchscreens is to avoid touching them.

The glass from touchscreens can even cut your skin and cause you to bleed. The fix for a broken touchscreen for Nabi or any other tablet is replacing the touchscreen or the whole panel.

Replacing the touchscreen requires tools like a heat gun, and using a heat gun isn’t the best option for beginners. Replacing the touchscreen should be done by professionals. You can take it to a Nabi franchise and get it replaced from there or from the company.

Touch sensor problemTouch sensor problem

If your tablet isn’t working and the touchscreen doesn’t seem to be broken, the touch sensors are damaged. The touch sensors sense your fingers when you touch the screen and then control the function of the tablet receiving instructions from your fingers.

Knowing that the touch sensors aren’t working is hard. That’s why locating the problem is difficult. The touchscreen still requires replacement if the touchscreen isn’t broken, but the sensors aren’t responding.

The replacement requires the use of heat guns and opening the tablet, so it is better to leave fixing the tablet to the professionals. Though if you have experience replacing the Nabi touchscreen is pretty easy.

Software issue

If your touchscreen isn’t working, then your tablet problem may not only be related to the hardware. The hardware can be physically prepared, but software issues sometimes require a more technical approach.

The most basic thing with software problems is the device needs resetting. By resetting the device, all the functions are set to default, and you are able to use the touchscreen. Resetting the tablet is pretty easy.

As the touchscreen isn’t working, you will need to reset the Nabi tablet hard. Hard resetting the tablet requires you to power the tablet off.

You can power the tablet off by pressing the power and holding it for a few seconds until it turns off. Then presses the volume up and down key and the power button at the same time. Hold them until the menu appears.

You’ll be able to go up and down through the volume buttons. Select the reset option with the help of the power button and wait for the device to reset as the device turns on.

The set-up of the device will appear. You can touch and select everything now. This trick solves all the software issues, but be sure to save your data beforehand.

The last word

Having touch issues on your tablet is one of the worst tablet issues. If the touchscreen is broken, get a new touchscreen. If the touchscreen has sensor issues, then having a new touchscreen is necessary.

Software issues with the touchscreen are solved by resetting the tablet. If the touchscreen is just off in the settings, turn it on.

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