Nexus 5x troubleshooting

Nexus 5x troubleshooting. Nexus 5x is one of the best mobile phones, this is a very good company phone, and this is very famous in the market, there is an issue with the phone that does not allow that phone to work well.

This is a very good phone, but the error which this is facing does not allow it to work. The phone is our necessary need all over the day, especially for those persons who are handling a business.

If the phone is not working, this is a very big problem for us, and we do not survive without a phone because it has become an essential part of our lives.

Nexus 5x troubleshootingnexus 5x won't turn on

The troubleshooting related to the Nexus 5x is a bit complex because there are many troubleshooting ways, and you have to do all these.

Some troubleshooting is given here. If your phone is not working, then you have to do the following given techniques.

Check battery and change

You must first check the phone’s battery; you have to check and change this. The battery is an essential part of the phone; if there is any damage to the battery occurs, this creates a big issue in the working.

You may say that the battery is an essential part of the phone, and when it is damaged, it is a complex problem. When you see the battery is not working, you must check and change it if needed. When you change the battery, you must observe the change in the phone’s working.

Change cracked screenChange cracked screen

Here you have to change the damaged screen and not display the visual things. The screen does not get cracked easily; it gets cracked when your cell phone falls, and the place is as hard as it can break the screen.

Whenever your screen is cracked, you see that the phone’s touch is not working well; it is the cause of the bad touch.

You must replace the screen if you want your phone working well, and there is no issue with that. The cracked or completely crushed screen does not work well; it must need a change.

Buttons are not working

There is an issue with the working of the buttons if you are a villager and you work in the fields, or there was rain, and you work in it then your phone fall in the mud and this mud or the water enters in it that do not allow the buttons of the phone to work good and in the best way.

This mud disturbs all the working of the phone. When the volume and the power button are not working, you must see that your mobile cannot work correctly; you must take care of it and clean it usually without any problem.

Check camera

There may be an issue with the camera; the application has a good connection between the camera and the phone, x=camera application work only in the condition that the camera is good, and this works good.

If any issue occurs with the camera, this does not allow the app to work because the app works when the camera is correct. Otherwise, it does not work.

The issue with the camera is that the camera may get shorted and not open; the reason behind the camera shortage is that the fall or the water enters it, and this gets worse the camera, and this does not work until you do not repair it. If you want it’s working, you must repair it as soon as possible.

Check water damage

Another thing is that the water enters the phone, and this is the cause of damage to the phone. The water damage means recently you were going to take a bath and have a phone in your pocket. Still, due to carelessness, your phone fell into the bucket of water.

The water entered it very soon, and this water did not require more time to enter and work, this water when enter suddenly start damaging the phone.

This damage is very severe, after the water entrance, you may have to change the cell because this may burn the phone from the inside if it does not bear then it can short must.


The motherboard is the fantastic thing you use for the working of the phone; when the motherboard is not working, you must do the things necessary for the phone to troubleshoot.

The motherboard is the main board that is enclosed in the case of the mobile, but this also has the leading role in the working because all of the phone programs are in this motherboard.

This is the circuit board n which all the buttons are attached, the wiring is placed, and no issue occurs. There are many reasons behind the worsening of the motherboard.

One is the damage due to the water, another is the power shortage, and more which I will not discuss with you. If there is any problem that occurs with the nexus 5x, then you must have to check its motherboard.

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