Kindle fire loose charging port fix

Kindle fire loose charging port fix. Kindle fire is a tablet that is very good in quality. This is the unique tablet among all tablets, laptops, and phones in the budget, quality, and other requirements. Tablets are electronic charging materials. These work on batteries, and their batteries need charging. Here the tablet has loose charging.

This issue is due to some reason. Maybe your tablet fell, and its charging place got loose. This tablet is not an up-to-date feature and is also a meager budget.

Their work depends on the model. If their charging port gets loose, they cannot put on the charging, but hardly if you put them, so it does not start charging and creates an issue.

Kindle fire loose charging port fixKindle fire loose charging port

Kindle fire tablets are not charging due to a loose charging port. They do not charge when the charging port loses due to its issue. One problem is that it does not start charging and also faces other issues that disturb the working.

Keep an eye on your device and monitor it wisely. When you find an issue, you have to check it and fix it according to the instructions given in the article, some ways to fix the charging port are given here:

Way 1:

Use tape

You can use tape as a solution to the problem. Tape is used to fix the port, which gets loose and creates issues. When you use tape, you can cover all the space by using the tape, which is the cause of release in the charging port and create issues.

Tape is used to solve many issues in electrical working. Tape binds the wire, which releases the current and causes shorts in power.

Tape is also used to cover the extra area that is the cause of loss in the port, and the port does not allow the charger to charge the device. Tape is the best material used to tighten loose things. If you use tape instead of the other instrument or tool, this is a perfect and cheap solution t the problem.

It is effortless to handle loose thing by using tape. Take the charging port and wrap the tape on the surface of that charging port.

Wrap it continuously until you do not feel it is enough to get the charging port stuck in the tablet. Wrap the tape but wrap it with a focus that nothing can be hidden in the tape and create more issues.

Sometimes people don’t wrap the tape with focus, and this is the cause that they hide the charging pins, and their Kindle continuously faces the charging problem. Carefully swaddle the tape because your small mistake can entrap you in the big mistake if any part of the Kindle gets failed due to your mistake. So kindly work with total concentration and care, and do not allow the Kindle to produce a new issue. 

You not only enwrap the tape around the port, but you can also use a small piece of tape and fold it as you can, which can also stick the port in the tablet. Sometimes wrapping tape can cause problems if you do not work with complete focus.

Way 2:

Claim the warranty

You can claim the warranty of your device. If your device gets worse and its warranty period is not expired, you can claim its warranty to the seller and charge it on the warranty card. Warranty is the foremost thing when you are going to buy a device. We all prefer things with an excellent warranty; otherwise, we leave them.

Warranty is not just the thing that just the shopkeeper tells you. It’s appropriately written on paper like the agreement, and this is the solid thing you can claim if your device does not remain reasonable in the given warranty period, so they have to change your device. If your charging port gets loose, this is also an issue related to the small tech.

Sometimes you can do it independently without taking any help from another person, but sometimes you can not do it independently.

Because this maybe not is a minor issue, your little mistake can harm your tablet. If your tablet faces any issue related to the device, you must check all the documents and the warranty card.

If your device gets worse in the warranty timing, go to the store, and claim your warranty. It can easily change your device with the new one because the shopkeeper told you he is responsible for the issue.

If your device is in the warranty timing, then it’s not a big issue. You can change it. But if this issue is not in the warranty timing, this cannot be good for you. 

Way 3: 

Take it to the specialistTake it to the specialist

Your device s creating the issue, and you have no idea how to make it right, so take it to the expert. Search for a person who is adept in this matter and can help you set the device or resolve the issue your device is facing. Without an adept or experienced person, it is not easy to solve the device’s issue.

A specialist always has complete information about this thing, but a commoner has no information about the reason behind the issue your device is facing.

Without knowing the reason, you can not make a solution to the problem. Here the issue is the loose charging port, and we have no knowledge that due to which reason the port is loose.

But if you take it to the specialist, this person has complete information about all issues, and he can resolve this issue soon because he requires no time to think about the issue, and he tries his best and try different methods to set the device.

One of these techniques is the reason to solve the problem. And your charging port gets well, and now you can use this device, and your issue is solved, and you do not need to get disturbed due to some issue.


These are some ways that we can use to fix the loose charging port of the kindle fire tablet. You can try all your techniques, but sometimes you pass. Mostly you fail due to a lack of knowledge.

The above are some ways, but only one way from this is your work: wrapping tape on the port or placing it at the port side and making it tight, so it does not get loose soon due to tape.

But in another you have to check the warranty and take it to the store from where you have bought it, check them and exchange if it is in warranty timing.

And the last is to take it to the expert who has complete information about it. These will be some ways; if you follow the given instructions, you can succeed in repairing the loose port of the device.

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