Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 Problems

Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 Problems. If Kyocera isn’t working, then the device has a dead battery. The power button may be faulty if it doesn’t turn on.

The changing jack needs a replacement if the device isn’t charging. Other problems with Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 include both hardware and software issues.

My Kyocera device was showing some problems. I decided to troubleshoot this smart device and find a solution. I started troubleshooting with the battery and all the hardware to pinpoint the problem.

The hardware problems are easy to solve if you know phones. I then troubleshooter the software issues and successfully solved both problems. My Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 is now good as new.

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Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 Problemskyocera duraforce pro 2 won't turn on

Having minor issues with your smartphones isn’t a big problem at first. But phone issues love to mutate and cause smartphone users a lot of trouble.

The basic smartphone problems deal with their touchscreen, making smartphones smart. The touchscreen of smartphones may have some issues. There can be display errors on the phone. The sound of the smartphone isn’t working like the way it should.

The receiver of the phone and the microphone are misbehaving. The smartphone keeps lagging. There may be some software error that causes the smartphone to slow down and not work.

The camera of the phone isn’t working. All these Kyocera phone problems require proper troubleshooting and must be fixed according to their error. Let’s see below.

Not turning on

The basic electronic device problem is power. If your Duraforce Pro 2 isn’t turning on, then you have a battery problem in your smartphone.

The battery of the Duraforce 2 can be changed, but it’s better to leave the battery changing after selecting the battery. Open your Duraforce Pro 2 enough so that you can take the battery out and take it to the store.

Get the battery matched with the phone. It’s better to try the battery at the market and charge it there before you purchase the battery. If the battery does not match, you should ask a professional or send the phone to the company to match the battery, and they’ll send you the repaired phone.

If the battery isn’t the problem, the company will solve the problem too. The power button can be an issue if the battery is fine or the board, so leaving it to the company is ideal.

Not chargingNot charging

If the smartphone has a charging problem, then there can be culprits. The first culprit for not charging is the battery, and you can get it replaced like above.

The charging jack can be the culprit if the battery isn’t just charging. Changing the charging requires technical work, so getting it replaced from the Kyocera store is ideal.

If the charging is correct, then the charging IC on the board isn’t working. The charging IC also requires a professional. Changing the charging IC is tougher than changing a charging jack.


If your smartphone is lagging, then that usually means that your phone’s memory is full. If the memory is full, you need to clear it. You can clear the ram, and the phone will load faster.

You may have too many apps open at the same time, so closing the apps will do a lot of help. If your phone is still lagging, then your phone’s storage may be the issue.

If the phone storage is full, some of the actions will be slowed, so deleting unnecessary apps and deleting other things that occupy the storage may just work for you. Resetting the smartphone will stop lagging for sure.

If there are bugs on the phone, then all the bugs will be cleared. If your phone offers a system update, then updating will solve the glitches and bugs causing the smartphone to lag.


If you can’t hear the sound from your smartphone, that means the sound has been tiring. Use the volume-up key to turn the volume up, and you will hear the sound. If you don’t hear the sound, then there can be an issue with the speaker of the phone.

If there is a speaker issue with the phone, get the speaker replaced by taking the smartphone to the franchise.

If your phone isn’t giving sound because of the media file you are playing. You can test other music, or it may be off in the game settings if the game isn’t giving sound.

The last word

If your Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 has problems, you can always troubleshoot them. You can solve the charging issues. You can find a solution to the sound issue, and the display issues are easy to solve as well.

Sending the smartphone to the company is better as they will fix all the problems the device shows. Thanks for reading about Kyocera.

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