How to unlock a keypad door lock without the code

How to unlock a keypad door lock without the code. The keypad door locks mechanism works when you enter the specific code to unfold the door. But what will you do if you forget the lock and stand empty-minded in front of your door.

Nothing is more misfortune than being stuck outside the door when you were thinking about rest after a tiring day. No doubt that it will be a frustrating time.

The main thing is unlocking a keypad door lock without the code. So, calm yourself as first as possible to open the door, and we will guide you properly about what you need to do.

How to unlock a keypad door lock without the codeunlock a keypad door lock without the code

It happens unintentionally that a person can get stuck if he forgets the code, so you may know that from where the problems arise, there are also some solutions to fix them.

The only thing that is required is an inspection of the depth of the issue and trying to figure out a suitable way to fix it. Same as if you are facing the keypad lock issue, there are also solutions to fix it.

The Reasons To Unlock Code Without Pin

So, different reasons may urge someone to unlock the keypad lock without any pin code.

Forgetting Code

The first and most familiar reason for unlocking a keypad lock without using the pin is to forget the code.

Dead Battery

It is hard to know the situation inside if the battery got expires. It is impossible to unfold a door. The access card or keypad entry devices are essential to open the lock.

Lock Not Functioning

If you experience an insufficient power supply may cause the issue of resetting the lock setup, and consequently, the system erases the remembered codes and storage.

A Changed CodeA Changed Code

If you cannot get inside the house, the reason might be someone just changed the code without your knowledge. It might be the owner who has done it.

But here is another thing that requires your concern changing the code of the keypad lock is not an easy task, and usually, it may be done by the pro.

So, if you don’t have proper instructions about how to change the PIN, you can prevent yourself with your hand while changing the code without using a proper guide.

Access Denied Code

Suppose you were living with a family and was not at home for the last few time. In that session, it might be possible that the other person in the house has bound access. So, that time you need keys, or it’s essential to get permission from the other person.

Steps You Should Do To Unlocking the Keypad Lock

So, before breaking the keypad lock, here are a few instructions that you may try to open the door. Here are the steps below.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is try to recall your memory for the code. There must be some particular digits like a phone number, your birthday, or someone else birthday. Any particular year or other meaningful digits to you might be the code. The number of digits may vary on the lock type. You have five chances to enter a code; after that, you need to wait for some time, which is almost 5 minutes.
  1. If you have tried to remember the password but not getting the right one, then the second option that you use is unfolding the keypad lock using the bypass key. Usually, a keypad lock contains two bypass keys which are beneficial in these cases. So, if you are not finding your ones, you may try to find the other one.
  1.  If both the last mentioned ideas don’t work, the last thing you may try before breaking into the keypad lock of your door is getting assistance from the lock manufacturers. If you have the keypad description letter that comes with the product, you can find their contact number and other contact info. You may visit their website and ask them to help you if it’s not possible.

Steps To Break the Keypad Door Lock

If there is no other way than to break the keypad lock, then here are the accurate instructions you may use to break a keypad lock successfully.

So, to accomplish the task, you need some specific apparatus for breaking the lock. If you don’t have tools or any of them, you may take them from your friend, neighbor, or relative, whom you think they have.

Here is the list of items you need:

  1. A Drill Driver
  2. A Drill Bit
  3. Center Punch Tool
  4. Hummer/Mallet
  5. A Pick Tool
  6. Glasses for Safety

Step 1. Use The Drill To Make a HoleUse The Drill To Make a Hole

It would help if you never took a chance on safety, so dont forget to wear goggles. Most door keypad locks contain the lock operation system at the bottom. Now, you need to make a biconcave in the lower section of the lock.

So you may use the hummer or mallet and the center punch tool to make a biconcave or hole at the bottom. It would be better to mark the position where you are determined to make the biconcave or hole.

The hole will prevent the drill from roving from the spot. So place the center punch on the place of the mark and hit it using a hammer or mallet.

Now, it’s time to take some work with the drill. You may choose the drill bit based on the keypad lock material. If you are unsure about the material, it would be better to use the high-speed steel-HSS drill bit.


  • HHS is compatible with carbon steel, ferrous, and non-ferrous.
  • Cobalt bit works perfectly with the materials(ferrous) iron and stainless steel.
  • Carbide bits are well suited with aluminum, copper, and zinc materials(non-ferrous).
  • You can go with the bit of size range between 1/16 to 1/4.

Step 2. Use the Pick Tool To Insert in the Hole

So, after completing the previous step, now, in the following step, you need to get some work from the pick tool. Insert the mentioned tool into the hole you have just created with the drill.

The following step is challenging and requires patience. So, you need to figure out the door keypad lock mechanism. It might be possible that you may not succeed at first, but you have to try again and again.

The tip that will help find the lock mechanism is you may sense coerce at the correct spot. It requires patience but not more than a minute. After accessing the mechanism, you may open the lock by poking the tool downside.

Step 3. Open Your Door

So, after clearing all the previous two steps, the following steps will trigger you to take a deep breath. So are you ready for it? So, grab the thumb-turner latch of your door and twirl it. It will enable you to unlock the door keypad lock.

Step 4. Repair Your Lock

As you have successfully opened the lock, don’t forget to repair the damaged parts to maintain your home’s security level.


If you cannot unlock the door, you must try again on the second step.


How to unlock a keypad door lock without the code. In the following article, you may find fantastic guidelines for unlocking a door keypad lock. You must consider each step, especially while figuring out the mechanism.

We suggest you remember the pin of your keypad lock to save yourself from getting in trouble. At least you have to place a bypass key separately so that you can tackle these kinds of situations without breaking the lock.

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