How to unlock a bathroom door without hole

How to unlock a bathroom door without hole. New doorknob designs and configurations are more practical but sometimes they can create the worst situations.

The doorknobs without holes are secure but it’s difficult to unlock the door when someone gets stuck. These kinds of doorknobs need special care, it can be dangerous if someone gets locked inside.

Opening a locked bathroom door can be stressful when the doorknob doesn’t have a hole. Don’t panic, if you got yourself locked in the bathroom, or if you are unlocking the door from outside.

There are some best ways to open the locked bathroom door, follow the steps explained below.

How to unlock a bathroom door without hole

To unlock a bathroom door without a hole, using a plastic card is the best choice. Insert the card between the door and door frame. Move the card up and down and wiggle the card to bring it between the door lock and doorjamb.

Other ways are removing the doorknob or hinge methods.

Plastic card to open the locked door

You can easily find a plastic card at your home, such as a credit card, gift card, or loyalty card. The plastic card method helps you in opening your door by using the space between the door and door frame.

You can unlock your bathroom door by placing the plastic card in the right position between the door lock and doorjamb.

  • The first step is to hold the doorknob firmly, use your non-dominant hand.
  • Apply force on the door towards the opposite side of the door locking position. Push the door as much you can to make the space between the door lock and the door frame.
  • Take plastic and insert it into the gap between the door and doorframe. Identify the place of the locking mechanism and insert the card at a slight angle.
  • Wiggle the card downward to approach the locking mechanism. Lean on the door and move the card up and down, until the card gets between the door lock and the doorjamb.
  • To get the card between the angled locking mechanism and the door jamb, keep trying and slide the card at the angled position.
  • Once you feel the resistance is eliminated, push the door to unlock it.
  • You may need several tries to unlock the door with the plastic card.

Remove the doorknob to unlock the door

If you fail to open the bathroom door with a plastic card, try to remove the doorknob. To remove the doorknob, you need a screwdriver. Choose a tiny screwdriver as it can easily open the doorknob with narrow space.

  • To remove the bathroom doorknob, locate and identify the screws holding the doorknob together to the door.
  • Take the tiny screwdriver and start removing the screws one by one. Once you have removed the screws, pull the doorknob to detach.
  • Now pull the locking mechanism back to the door, and the door will be open.

Door hinge removal method

If the other methods are not working, you may try the door hinge method. To use this method, you need to do a couple of things.

  • Identify the door swinging direction, check if the door swings towards you or in the opposite direction. If the door swings in the same direction in which you are standing you can remove the hinge.
  • Locate the hinge position and take a knife to cut the paint around the area hinge screws are connected to hinges.
  • Take a screwdriver and position it under the lower hinge of the door.
  • Take a hammer and give the screwdriver a nice tap at a specific angle to remove all pins one by one.
  • Repeat the same process for the Upper hinges. Make sure you don’t have any obstacles behind and prevent the door from falling.


It’s a stressful situation when the bathroom door is locked and sometimes it’s dangerous. It’s suggested to stay calm and not to panic while stuck and the door is locked.

You can unlock the bathroom door with the help of a plastic card, screwdriver, and pins. The door without a hole can be unlocked with the help of a gift card, or by removing the doorknob and hinges.

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