How to unlock a bedroom door without a key

How to unlock a bedroom door without a key. Sometimes you do not have the keys to unlock the door. Many other ways are used to open the door, and these are not so difficult these are easy.

You can do it n your own, but if you are searching for unlocking the door without using keys, you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to tell you some ways that are very useful for you to unlock your door.

These are all very easy, and you can do it with the required tools. You have the required tools in your home and do not need to take them from the market. These tools are simple and may be different for each way.

How to unlock a bedroom door without a keyunlock a bedroom door without a key

Many ways have used the opening the bedroom door. These are easy, and you may have the information about them. The tools that are used for the opening of the door without using keys are:

  1. A small screwdriver
  2. A hairpin
  3. Thin wires
  4. Locking card

Other many things which are used for many purposes. The ways are given below.

1) Using a hairpin

You can use the hairpin to open the door. A hairpin is used for the opening of the door, and this is simple for all. This is the standard pin women commonly use in their hairs for binding. This is thin in size and easily adjustable in the lock and opens easily.

This is the best thing of all as it can easily fit in the springs of the door, and when you put and twist it, the door sense it like the key and open your door and solve the problem, you are facing.

You can use this idea to open the doors of your home, but for this thing, you must know the trick because without a trick this is not possible to open the door.

2) KeycardsKeycards

Keycards are used for the opening of the doors; these are used instead of keys. These days the new locks unlock not only with the keys, but they also open with the keycards.

Doors are sensing devices; they sense these cards and work using them and opening the door. When you forget your keys, and you do not have any other thing, and you suddenly remember that you have keycards.

Then show your keycard to the door and door sense this and open your door without using keys. This is another thing in which you do not have more effort, and your work is complete.

3) Screwdrivers

Use screwdrivers for the opening of the doors in the place where you want to insert the keys into the lock. Take a screwdriver that is very thin in the size and can easily adjust the lock and help you in opening the doors.

Take the screwdriver and start inserting it into the lock. Insert deep how you can insert in it and when you sense that it is reaching the end limit, twist it, and its twisting is used to open the door. When you correctly insert it and twist then, it can open the door, which is very good for you.

4) Using a knifeUsing a knife

It would help if you used the knife for the opening of the doors, But take the knife which is small and thin in size and can easily adjust in the springs of the lock which is used for the opening of the door.

Knives are also used for opening or even picking up the lock of the doors. The knife is also the same as the screwdriver, and you can easily open the door from it.

This is a very common tool for opening the door in your home. You mostly have this tool near to you and easily accessible to you.

5) Using wire or the rodUsing wire or the rod

It would be best if you used the wire or the rod to open the doors; these wires and rods are also adjustable in your lock as wires are the things that can be bent where is a need to be bent.

The locks have some small holes in them. See these holes very carefully and then place the wires or the rods in these holes and put them in the inside of the hole, how much you can almost the wire reaches the end and the place until you want to put the wire.

Then start rotating this wire or the rod in different directions. By rotating these, you can open the door and easily unlock your bedroom.

6) Use a hammer to break the lock

This is the last way. When any other trick does not work, then you should use the hammer and break the lock by using this hammer. As the door does not open in all the ways discussed above, you can use this trick.

This is the last way, which is very harmful not only for your lock as it breaks the door when applied with full force then, but it can also damage the door.

You may also replace the door with the lock because the lock is not repairable, but you should also replace this.

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