How to pick a lock with a knife

How to pick a lock with a knife. Sometimes your door gets locked, and you may also not have the keys used for opening the door. The knife is maybe the best option to open the door when it is locked and doesn’t open.

Using a knife, you can pick the door’s lock, and you have to open the door by picking. When your door doesn’t turn to open, then you may become hopeless, but you don’t need to become desperate. It is straightforward to open the door by using a knife.

How to pick a lock with a knifepick a lock with a knife

Here are some ways that are used to open the lock of the door. Following these ways, you can open the door with a knife. The methods are discussed here:

Way 1. Insert and Twist a knife

The way one which you can use for the opening of the door is that you have to insert the knife as deep in the lock as the blade can get in.

Remind one thing that the knife you want to insert is small in width and can quickly enter the lock and go deep, and sometimes your insertion and twisting can reach the other end of the lock, and when you twist it again in the way in which the door opens.

The door starts opening, and the lock of the door gets opened by inserting and turning a knife; from my point of view, this is safe for your lock means it does not damage your lock while opening.

Way 2. Place the knife between door and framePlace the knife between door and frame

You have to place the knife between the door and the door’s frame. When you put the knife between the door and lock, start dragging the knife down until it does not reach the door lock.

When it comes close to the lock, it should feel some resistance and be stuck in that place and do not move freely as moving from up. Here it would help if you had the more complicated and the big knife to open the lock.

When it reaches the locks, insert it in the door lock and apply force to get it out from the lock hole where it is a stick and not opening.

Try this technique two to three times, and after some humble trouble, the door starts to release the stuck lock, and as a result, it opens the door.

Way 3. Insert a small knife and move it up and down

This is the same, but in another way, the above-given way indicates you to insert and twist, but sometimes the pins in the lock need moving up or down for their adjustment.

So here, you have to take the small blade-like knife and insert it in the lock; remind one thing that you should insert the knife slowly by adjusting it to the pins that are the cause of the blockage in the lock of the door.

Slowly up and down is the way to adapt pins in the contact. Some springs are attached to the pins that move them up and down; when they make contact, you have to move the knife to open the lock.

After adjustment, these needs keep moving, probably for 15 seconds, and this humble thing is how you open the door lock and solve your problem.

Way 4. Use a knife and another tool

Here it would be best if you used the knife and tool to open the lock stuck in the hole. It would help if you took the knife and another tool you usually use.

This tool is the same as the silver wire you used to open the lock. Place the knife in the door’s lock and use this tool to get it in the hole for opening, and sometimes place the knife to the lock. This tool is used to enter the spot to unlock the clogged lock when the knife is stuck and move in the locker for opening; the tool is also beneficial for the door to open.

The tool is powerful and can not break, and you can hardly reach the situation where the door gets open, and the stuck lock is picked with the knife.


The door locks and does not open; maybe the issue is with keys or the lock, but the problem is with one thing from both, and you have to resolve it. Now according to your query here, you have to open the lock with a knife, so I have given you the idea that you can open your door with the knife.

This trick is also straightforward, and you can quickly solve your problem by following the given steps that are discussed, these are genuinely experienced, and there is also no fault if you use them.

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