Defeating Electromagnetic Door Locks

Defeating Electromagnetic Door Locks. The magnetic lock can be defeated with brute force. You can get a piece of steel and then bend it. Now passing the steel piece between the door gap. Touch the magnetic bar present on the inside. This makes the lock think you are inside and it unlocks like that.

I got locked out of my house. No extra pair of keys outside and my keys were lost. First, I thought I should break the lock but changed my mind. I thought why not pick the electromagnetic lock like in movies.

I forgot to tell you that my door lock is electromagnetic and not a simple key lock. Deciding that, I watched YouTube tutorials that were fake and wrong articles.

Then I checked the electromagnetic lock working and found the lock’s weakness. I found ways to defeat the electromagnetic lock easily.

Read to learn!.

Defeating Electromagnetic Door LocksElectromagnetic Door Locks

Door locks are installed security everywhere, but it gets annoying when they get locked for you and you are left without a key.

Imagine having to wait outside in the bleak winter because the door is locked, and you forgot the key. Or the door lock not working with the key. Just chill.

Electromagnetic door locks aren’t invisible, they can be defeated too. If you can’t open the electromagnetic locks for some reason, get yourself a piece of metal.

Bend it into a curved shape and slide it in the gap. Swipe to the bar and the door will unlock. Read more below.

Primary card

Every door, even magnetic doors, have a key that is used to unlock it. The magnetic door always comes with the keycard. Just swipe or put it in front of the lock and the door opens. Unlock the door with a magnetic lock, using the keycard that comes with it.Primary card

The primary key should always be with you for fast unlocking. Put it somewhere safe where it isn’t stolen. You can keep the key in your wallet, so it always remains with you.

Extra key

If the magnetic lock isn’t opening from the outside because you have lost the primary keycard, then you can use a secondary keycard to unlock the door.

The secondary keycard should be kept at a secure location. You can ask someone you trust to hold on to the extra key.

Give it to family or a friend. You should keep the secondary keycard in a safe place outside the house maybe. If the door is locked and you don’t have the primary key, then contact someone that may have the key.

If not, then call someone for help. The secondary card will act as the primary and it’ll open the door.

Keypad password

Most of the magnetic doors come with a keypad lock too. This makes the magnetic lock safer for us. Even if the keycard is lost, the password can be entered and the door will unlock just like it unlocks normally. Having the numeric keypad is very handy.

Get a numeric keypad magnetic lock and you can defeat it easily. The numeric keypad only requires passwords in numbers and you can set the numbers easy to always unlock fast. Although setting difficult numbers may be hard to remember, but it’s more secure than your birthday, etc.

Using metalUsing metal

Using metal is actually picking the lock. If you don’t have a keycard or a secondary keycard, then use a numeric keypad, but if you don’t have a numeric keypad either, then what? Pick the lock. Picking the magnetic lock is easier than a normal lock.

Just get a metal sheet piece and it should be 2 feet long. The width should be 3/8 feet. Now bend the edge at 4cm diameter to make a curve.

Now insert the curved part of the metal into the area and touch the metal bar inside. The metal you bend should be conductive.

As the metal touches the bar, the bar mistakes us for being inside and the door unlocks.

Brute force

If you can’t defeat the lock with tricks and don’t have a technical way to unlock the door, then brute force is an excellent option. Though if you use force, the lock will break and won’t be usable.

The magnetic lock will need changing. You can push the door lock by pushing the door with force. The lock will eventually break.

Just use your shoulder and run to the door from a distance and aim at the lock side to break the lock. The door lock is defeated.

The last word

Using a keycard is the most civilized lock opening and defeating trick. YOu can enter a numeric key to defeat the lock too. You can pick the magnetic lock using that metal and then touch the bar inside.

Breaking the lock is defeating the door too. Contact lock openers if you don’t know the defeating methods.

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