DIY Door Lock From Outside

DIY Door Lock From Outside. The door can be locked from the outside with its key, but if you don’t have a key, then use a wedge. You can use a belt to stick the lock and not let it open.

Keyless door locks are pretty good at security. For extra security, portable locks are handy. The door can be locked with a penny too.

The recent increase in theft in my area worried me, like everyone in the neighborhood. I didn’t know how to be safe from the theft. Then my neighbors recommend locks. I thought using locks was a decent idea.

But I didn’t know the type of locks that can be used. There are various like one lock is installed but inside my house, the doors don’t have locks. So I decided to use different locks for each room. I wasn’t robbed.

Read to learn!.

DIY Door Lock From OutsideDoor Lock From Outside

Locking doors from outside is an act of security. You may get paranoid because of no security and crimes in the area. But worry not. Locking the door from the outside by using different methods can confuse the thief and make him give up.

This is a pro plan. It’s effective with my own experience. Having a pair of locks isn’t expensive and if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can make do with homemade locks.

Having a fork at your house is handy, but the fork has more use than just eating. It can be a neat lock. You can barricade the door and it’s locked. Using a wedge as a door lock is a great trick.

The door jammer is a usable lock. You can use portable locks as well. You can use a chair under the handle and the door won’t open.

Portable lock

Let’s start with professional lock tricks. You can use portable for safety. Portable locks aren’t expensive and portable locks are available at hardware and convenience stores.Portable lock

The portable locks have a long safety history. The portable locks can be with keys and you can even get a combination of portable locks.

Just import the portable lock code by sliding the keys on it and the door unlocks. You can change the lock code every day for safety.

Having a portable lock with keys isn’t bad either. You get spare keys with it, so don’t worry about losing one key.

Belt lock

If you don’t have time to buy a portable lock. Get your extra belt or take it from the pants. Don’t let the pants fall. Back to belt lock. Get the belt and put it on the hook placed for hanging clothes.

Stretch the belt and place it on the hook and then the handle. The handle will be rendered immovable and you cannot open the door because the handle won’t go down.

Usually, it’s for bathroom doors that have hooks to hang clothes while changing.

Fork security

Like I said before, forks can be handy at the dining table, but they can also be used as safety locks. Though fork will need bending and some adjustments.

Bend the end and then the tines of the fork. Now, break the handle of the fork. It’s better to test the tines first. Place the tines back in the door. Now place the handle horizontally to the tines such that the door is secured.

The fork lock is now placed. You can remove it by sliding the fork back and detaching it from the tines.

Using a chair

The chair lock seems silly to you, but this no-cost lock is pretty effective. The chair lock is tested, and it doesn’t allow the door to open until you remove the chair.

The chair lock doesn’t cost because you can use the chair you already have at home. Just take the dining table chair and place it under the door handle.

Place the chair tilted a bit. The tilt will give extra force to the door by supporting the lock. The chair lock is more effective in pushing doors. It’ll work with a lever and isn’t effective with a knob.

The last word

The last thing you need is a lack of security. Adding the locks listed above will improve the security level and the worries will fade. There are other locks like using a wedge.

You can use a rope. A doorstop is effective for locks. You can barricade the floor or use a jammer. You can use a strike plate lock if wanted. You can remove the door handle from one side and the door won’t open from the other side. Be creative in using locks.

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