How to fix sliding closet door

How to fix sliding closet door. If your sliding closest door is making trouble, and you want to get your door back on track. In that case, this article is best to help you out because I am mentioning all the steps in detail to help you so that you can easily do it yourself without wasting money paying a carpenter.

The first step is to clean the sliding closest door path because if there are some hurdles and debris present, it can not close. The following steps are included in how to fix the sliding closest door.

  • Clean the door pathway
  • Inspect the wheels
  • Check the pathway
  • Look over the door
  • Line up the base rollers
  • Uplift the top rollers
  • Seize the front door
  • Oil the paths

These are steps to follow if your sliding closest door creates issues and you face difficulty properly closing the door.

How to fix sliding closet doorfix sliding closet door

It is frustrating whenever you reach a sliding closet door, and it becomes tough for you to open or close it. Sometimes the door diminishes from its path when you try to move it forward or backward.

It is very irritating because sometimes you are in a hurry and getting late from the office and the sliding door falls from its path, so it’s better to get some time to fix the sliding closest door.

Inspect the wheels

if you are having a problem with the closest sliding door, first check its wheel. Wheels are essential for the sliding door because if they become cracked or damaged, it becomes difficult to open the door with broken wheels.

In most sliding doors, the wheels are fixed at the top, but it is not permanent. Some doors also have wheels in the base. Inspect the wheels; if bent, you can bend them back to their original position.

However, if the rolling wheels are cracked and damaged and can not be repaired, your last option is to change the wheels. New wheels are readily available in the market at hardware stores.

Clean the door pathway

If you see there is no issue with the wheels and the wheels are not cracked, clean the door pathway. Usually, we ignore the debris and mud on the sliding door track.

When this debris present on the track is not removed regularly, it makes it difficult for you to open or close the door. So, make it a habit to clean the door track once a week, so the door wheels quickly pass through the track without any stoppage.

Look over the doorLook over the door

Look over the sliding door is down the top pathway; if the door is entirely detached from the top tracks, then uprise the door.

After lifting the door, slowly force them towards the closest and attach in top rollers back to the top pathway.

Line up the base roller

If there is a problem with the base rollers, don’t try to uplift the door because some doors are weighty, and you can not pick up the door. You can ask your neighbor for some help to uplift the door. Uplift the door and place the base rollers at the bottom pathway slowly.

Oil the paths

After placing the doors on their tracks, try to push the sliding door forward and backward. If the wheels are not moving quickly, the roller track is rusted, and you need to oil the paths.

There is no specific fixed oil for roller track, so that you can use any lubricant like mineral oil, olive oil, fish oil, etc. Put some oil on a clean cloth and oil the all track with this cloth.

You can also spread the lubricant oil by moving the closest door backward and forward. You will see an apparent change in the door speed after lubricating the roller path.

The bottom line

The bottom line of the article is if you are having a problem with the sliding closest door like it is not moving quickly, lubricating the roller path is the best way to change its speed. This path is rusted from water and moisture, making it difficult for the wheels to move quickly.

If the door has fallen off its path, ask someone to help you and lift the door slightly and align it back on its roller path so that the door can move quickly.

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