lazy susan cabinet door dragging

Lazy susan cabinet door dragging. Opening a lazy Susan cabinet becomes terrifying if you do not take care of it and maintain it properly. It becomes challenging to pick the thing that falls down at the back of the bottom tray and goes below it.

Due to any cause, if the entire assembly is falling towards the door ends, then it means the cabinet door will not be closed. The most important thing is to minimize the load from the revolving tray because if you have loaded it with many things, then the door will start to drag.

Last month I faced the same problem of lazy Susan’s cabinet door dragging then. I researched and repaired it by myself because I had to pay the cost of hiring a professional. Keep reading this article to know how you can fix the dragging door of Susan’s cabinet.

Lazy susan cabinet door draggingsusan cabinet door dragging

Nowadays, Susan’s cabinets are installed in different cubits to get easy access to different things and pots placed in the cabinet.

You can rotate the tray to pick the things. But, issues start when you do not maintain the cabinet properly, like overloading the tray or opening the door carelessly. If the cabinet door is dragging, follow these points to fix it.

Remove weight

Maintaining the revolving tray by placing less weight on it is very important. If you place too many things and pots on the tray, it will bend on one side and darg on the bottom, stopping the door from opening quickly.

The revolving tray will not move freely and drags the cabinet door. So, remove the extra things from the tray to return it to its original position.

Adjust bad revolving

If the lazy Susan cabinet becomes rigid for any reason and it becomes difficult to spin it, this issue primarily occurs due to the middle shaft.

First of all, check the coupling nuts and modify the middle shaft. The primary purpose of this bolt is to clasp the position of the middle shaft and manage its length. At times, extra pressure from the nut can bind the shaft.

Remove all things from the cabinet so you can efficiently work and adjust bad revolving. Now take a wrench, adjust it on the bolts, and move it in an anticlockwise direction to loosen the bar.

Mostly it is more acceptable to loosen the bolt in short succession because if you open the bolts more, then there are chances that the Susan adjustment can heave.

Turn the regulating bar

After loosening the bolt with the help of a wrench, you can now easily modify the middle shaft. Modifying the shaft slowly is essential, so it does not fall. Now fasten the bolts to complete the modification of the middle shaft.

Now check the securing bolts and correct the position of the revolving tray. Lift the shelves to adjust their position and tight the screws.

Now open and shut the door and check whether it is dragging. I hope the door does not drag due to adjusting the shelves or revolving tray positions.

Check the issue with the door

If your door of the loosened cabinet is dragging and not opening and closing freely, check the door closely. Which part is creating the problem. Mostly the door starts to drag when you do not have enough clearance in the peak, base, or sides.

If the door is dragging, open the screws of the collar and use your hands to turn the revolving tray and cabinet door anticlockwise.

Now slowly turn the clockwise door regulation until it gets to the center front. Now revolve around the door assembly and fasten screws to finish the problem.


The final thoughts on this article are that if your lazy susan cabinet door is dragging, it is primarily due to an overload of things on the revolving tray. So always try to place more minor things on the tray so that the door opens and closes quickly.

If your Susan door is dragging, follow the above point to fix the issue. If you are not experienced in opening the screws, you can hire a professional to fix the dragging door.

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