Water not staying in toilet bowl

Water not staying in toilet bowl. The toilet bowl is an integral part of the washroom because if water does not stay in the toilet bowl, you can not maintain cleanliness and stop the growth of bacteria.

If it becomes faulty, the water does not remain in the bowl and continuously becomes empty without anybody using the toilet.

If you are having the problem of water not staying in the toilet bowl, immediately repair it because if you do not take it seriously, it is a waste of water and also increases in water bill at the end of the month.

There are several reasons beyond the faulty toilet bowl; some of these reasons are these.

  • Flapper issue
  • Damaged toilet bowl
  • Pipe issue
  • Broken fill valve
  • increase in toilet paper
  • Gravity issue
  • Clog in water inlet holes

These are some common causes of the water not staying in the toilet bowl; Keep reading the article to know the possible troubleshooting of these issues.

Water not staying in toilet bowlWater not staying in toilet

If the water is not staying in the toilet bowl and keep flowing, it means there is an issue with the toilet, like maybe its flapper is damaged, or there is a clog in the water inlet holes.

If you have some plumbing skills, you can repair and fix this issue after reading this article because I will explain how to troubleshoot these problems so that the water bowl does not become empty by itself.

Flapper issue

The flapper is a vital part fixed in the toilet bowl when you press the flush after using the toilet, then, this flapper comes upward, and water starts to flow from the toilet bowl to the toilet and becomes empty.

Water starts to come into the toilet bowl, and when it becomes full of water, the flapper returns to its original position, and water stops coming into the bowl.

If this flapper becomes faulty due to rough use or sediments in the water, the water does not stay in the bowl and keeps flowing out of the toilet bowl.

So, if you have water staying in the toilet bowl, open the cover of the bowl and check that the flapper is faulty or working. If you see it is damaged and not placed in its original position, stop the water inlet valve to the toilet so that water does not make waster more and replace the faulty flapper with a new one.

Damaged toilet bowlDamaged toilet bowl

If your toilet bowl is too old, there are chances that it is damaged due to wear and tear, so if you check the water puddle on the bathroom floor.

Inspect the water bowl; if there is a crack in the toilet bowl and water is leaking from there, you don’t have any other option than to change the toilet bowl because if you repair the cracked toilet bowl, it will start to leak water again after some time.

Pipe issue

if the water is not staying in the toilet bowl, it may be clogged in the pipe because when vent hoses are blocked due to clogs, other hoses look for different ways to get air.

Vent hoses are usually fixed at the top of the home and become clogged due to debris, dust, and bird nests obstructing ventilation.

Water level decreases in the toilet bowls due to a lot of air in the ventilation system, so check the vent pipes and remove the dust from them for proper ventilation of air in the pipes.

Broken fill valve

The water fill valve is the gadget toilet bowl that controls the water in the toilet tank. If this fill valve becomes damaged for any reason, the water does not stop in the tank and starts to flow without interruption from anyone in the house.

Increase in toilet paperIncrease in toilet paper

Increasing toilet paper in the toilet tank is another cause of this issue. When tissue paper is increased in the toilet bowl, it absorbs a lot of water, and the water tank becomes empty.

If you continue to use the toilet with this issue, it can cause too many problems, so don’t throw away the toilet paper in the toilet tank to get rid of this issue.

The final words

The final words in this article are if you have a problem that the water does not stay in the toilet tank, it means there is a plumbing issue.

First, check if the toilet bowl is damaged or cracked from anywhere because if it is damaged, you have one option to change the toilet tank.

Other possible causes are mentioned in this article; you can look at them one by one and fix the issue but shut the water inlet valve immediately to save the continuous wastage of water.

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