How to remove harpic stains from toilet seat

How to remove harpic stains from toilet seat. HARPIC and the other washroom cleaners are used separately. They are not used in the mixed form. They are not good when they are used in a mixed form.

The mixing form can not be suitable for toilet cleaning, and the stains on the seat create a mess for you. Stains in it irritate you most, and these stains are not easily removed in the washroom, the seat is the first expression you note while going in the washroom. If it is dirty, this is not good for you. It is the cause of irritation for you.

How to remove harpic stains from toilet seatremove harpic stains from toilet seat

You can use a proper process to remove the HARPIC stains from the toilet set. When it is accidentally mixed with another chemical, it can remain the stains on the toilet and look irritating, which may be a problem for many people. Here is the solution to their problem; they can solve it by following the instructions.

Some things used in this process are alcohol, bleach, tissue, water, brush, soap, etc. These are some necessary things for the procedure, and without these things, the process does not go to completion.

Use water to rinse

In the first step, you have to use plenty of water for the rinsing process of stain removal. This indicates that you have removed the old chemical, which may have mixed with the other.

When the old mixed thing is removed, the new applied thing reacts. Otherwise, it does not react. It also mixes with that and may cause more toilet stains and irritate you. So you must rinse the stained seat with plenty of water to proceed.

Use alcoholUse alcohol

After rinsing with the water, you have to use the alcohol; this is the best thing which is the most commonly used thing for removing the stains that are maybe everywhere.

Alcohol is one of the most famous stain removal things. In this step, take the tissues and dip these tissues in the alcohol and then take them out and place them on the stains. When you place them on the stains, they are suitable for absorbing the stains.

Keep the tissues on the stains and leave them

After dipping the tissues in the alcohol, you have to place these tissues stains made from the HAPRIC and leave the tissues for the time required to soak.

Alcohol gets to soak in the maybe a tiny amount of time; in this time, the alcohol does its work and removes the stains in a reasonable amount, and they are also significantly better for you.

After the time when you leave the tissue then, you have to take the tissue out and use the brush to scrub away the stains, which you are now able to remove.

If stains are fresh or they are from a short time, they require less time and remove easily, but if they are not removed, you have to repeat the procedure more times until the stains are not obliterated.

Another choice

Above I have told you about the bleach, but this is the choice you can use instead of the alcohol. You have the choice between them and use any one which you want.

If the stains are not removed with one, then you can use the other one because these both are used for the same purpose. Sometimes, the alcohol is not reacting then.

You can use the bleach on the stains for their removal. Use it and scrub away the toilet; this is the simple way you can use the other choice to remove the stains; this entirely depends on you.

Bleach is used as you dilute it first in the water and then use it for the removal. It is not good to use alone. This may be dangerous and not suitable for your skin, and you have to use the safety things necessary for the dangerous things.

Rinse toilet and procedure end

When you have applied the alcohol and the bleach to the stains, they are removed by using the material you have applied to them—scrubbing them with the brush and then rinsing them with water.

This rinsing is used to clean the seat properly correctly. There is any removing material that may create a problem for you. This maybe harms your skin when you use the seat without rinsing.


This is the procedure of removing the stains from the toilet seat produced accidentally mixing anything in the HARPIC power. If you follow these steps, you learn about the procedure, and by following it, you can get rid of the problem of the stains built on the washroom seats wrong use of the HARPIC power.

The inappropriate use of the cleaner is not suitable for the washroom seats, which is the cause of the leaving stains on the sanitary then you have to clean it.

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