Slow water leak in toilet bowl

Slow water leak in toilet bowl. If you are facing the issue of leaking water in the toilet bowl then it means there are some faulty components in the tank of the toilet. Normally, you can not listen to the sound of a water leak because it does not make any noise.

You can only see it when focusing on the toilet tank and inspecting a small amount of water dripping into it. It is essential to fix it immediately otherwise the water will continuously waste and increase the bill of water at the end of the month.

Following are some common causes that will make this occur.

  • The flush valve is leaking
  • The toilet flapper is dirty
  • The water fill valve is faulty
  • Phantom flush

The toilet is the most visited place in a home so it is very important to maintain its proper cleaning and maintenance. There should be no clog in any part of it that can cause leaking of water.

Slow water leak in toilet bowl

Slow water leak in toilet bowl

If you are planning to fix a leaky toilet bowl then, first of all, you must know the actual reason for leaking water.

If the water is leaking from the tank itself then you have no other option than to replace it with a new toilet tank but if the tank seems to be good then check the following points to fix the problem.

The flush valve is leaking

If the water is slowly dripping into the toilet bowl then there are chances that the flush valve is damaged and leaking. It occurs when the gasket that secures the flush valve into the bowl is failed and is worn out.

If it becomes defective then water begins to leak. You can not repair a flush valve so you will have to buy a new valve to prevent the leakage of water.

The toilet flapper is dirty

It is another reason for leaking water in the toilet tank. If the toilet flapper becomes dirty then do not avoid it and clean it properly.

  • First of all, turn off the water supply from the water inlet valve.
  • Wear the rubber gloves on your hands.
  • Smoothly raise the flapper and clean the dust on it with the help of a small truth brush.
  • In the same way, clean the seat assembly.
  • Turn on the water supply and check that water has stopped leaking into the toilet tank.

The water fill valve is faulty

The water fill valve is faulty

It is the duty of the water fill valve to manage the flow of water into the toilet bowl. So if it is not placed accurately or is leaking then this issue of dripping water will generate.

You can check its working by opening the lid of the bowl and flushing the toilet. If you see the water is dripping from the fill valve then it means it is worn out and you will have to change it to prevent the wasting of water.

Phantom flush

If the toilet is continuously flowing without flushing then it might have an issue of phantom flush. It mostly occurs due to a faulty flapper. You will have to replace the flapper to fix the problem.

Seal is leaking

A quality toilet has a minimum of five seals to prevent leaking water. The biggest seal is around the toilet and the tank.

If this seal breaks down or is worn out with the time the water starts to flow under the bowel after every flush. call a plumber to replace this seal.

Tighten the nuts of the tank

Most toilet seats are fixed with the toilet tanks with two plastic nuts. These plastic nuts are covered with a small casing.

Check if these bolts are loose or tight. If these bolts are loosened then tighten them to stop leaking water.


The final words of this article are that if you are facing the issue of leaking water into the toilet bowl then do not ignore it because it will damage the floor and also increase the cost of water at the end of the month.

All the possible causes of this issue are explained above but if still you can not find the main culprit then hire a certified plumber for an expert view.

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