How to dissolve feces in toilet

How to dissolve feces in toilet. There may be some problem with the feces or the poop that is not dissolving in the toilet. This is due to the hard poop, which does not allow it to flush out. It can be stuck in the toilet and create a clogging problem for you.

When poop or the feces is clogged can be bad for you. This is the cause of irritation for you, and you do not bear it. Many things are used for dissolving the feces in the toilet, and these are easy, and you can do it on your own without any problem.

How to dissolve feces in toiletHow to dissolve feces in toilet 2022

There are many ways that are also very easy, and you can do them the dissolving the feces in the toilet.

When your feces or peep are not dissolved, this creates a dirty environment and the cause of smell in the washroom and the place which belongs to or near the washroom. Here are some ways which are used for the dissolving the toilet:

1) Baking soda and vinegar

Use baking soda and vinegar to unclog the toilet, which is clogged and creates a problem for you. Their mixture or the single-use of both is a very famous and well-known thing for us.

When anything is related to the water, plumbing, or drainage system, the first option is easy. You can use baking soda and vinegar to quickly and hurriedly solve your problem.

Here in this situation, make the mixture of these things and their use does not require any particular thing, these are the daily use thing you do not need more effort for them.

In this procedure, you have to take one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar but remember that if clogging is so hard, you can add warm water.

Now put this solution in the toilet and wait for about 40 minutes, which is enough for the reaction, and then you can flush out, and the clogging feces is drained, and now it is cleared.

2) Bleach

Bleach is another thing that is used for clearing the clogs that are in the toilet. Remind while using the bleach; the bleach is harmful to your skin.

When you use bleach, you have proper safety. Otherwise, this is not good for you. This is used in a little amount of quantity. Add bleach to the toilet to unclog it in a small quantity, just about 8 to 10 tablespoons.

Add this amount and wait for up to half an hour and then flush the toilet, and your toilet will be clean, and the problem of clogging will also solve. You may think that this amount is too small and how it works. So I will tell you that this amount is enough for your toilet to unclog.

3) Warm water and detergents

Warm water is also beneficial in unclogging the clogged things. If the problem is from a short time, you have to add hot water, which is about to boil, and the clogged feces are cleared.

The problem is solved, but if your problem is from a long time or maybe hard, then you have to take the hot water with you and add some amount of detergent into the toilet and pour the water which is of high temperature and allow it to work for the 20 to 25 minutes in this time the procedure work and the clogged toilet is now cleared.

4) Coca-Cola

Some things are not only valid for eating and drinking. They are also instrumental in the other matters. Here Coca-Cola is used to unclog the feces; other things are used in the small amount, meaning tablespoons or cups, but Coca-Cola is used in the number of liters.

Take about 2 to 2.5 liter of the Coca-Cola, pour this amount into clogged drains, and allow it to work for some time which you think is enough for it to complete, and then flush the toilet and see the results. This way is straightforward, and this is readily available in the market; take it from the market, and using nothing is accessible like this.

5) Use auger

Auger is another easy way that is used in the clogged toilet. Auger is like the hanger or the wire, which you can use as the snake in the drain.

This is very useful for you, and also less effort is required for the completion of work. In this case, you take the auger, enter it into the drain like the snake, and continue entering until it does not reach the clog.

When it reaches, it can be stuck on its own you do not need to stop it; it tells you on your own that the clog is here. So here you apply some force, which can result in the unclogging of the toilet, which is clogged due to the hard feces.

6) Use of the plungerUse of the plunger

This is also the thing which is commonly used in homes. This is the one and only tool used to open the clog in the toilet. Put the plunger in the toilet, apply force on it, and push it down; pushing the plunger down is the best and easiest way to unclog the toilet.

Pushing down, and when it comes back to its position, the clog is cleared, and you do not require any more effort. This is the best way ever and also easy too.

Use the plunger always for the problems which are of that type. The feces are drained, then you flush out the toilet and clear the material, and again, flushing is the test that it is working well or not.

Unclog Toilet Without a Plunger Easy

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