Washing machine drain pipe overflow

Washing machine drain pipe overflow. A washing machine is the best appliance for every homeowner, it saves you a lot of time and effort. Overflowing water from your washing machine drain pipe is a series and expensive problem.

An overflowing drainpipe causes spills of water around your floor, it comes up with associated problems too. A blocked drain line of the washer can affect the washing machine’s performance.

The clogged flexible hose connected to the machine drainpipe can cause overflow. Drainpipe overflow may occur due to different sizes of the drain pipe and the machine drain hole. Always keep your main drain line clogged-free by performing regular cleaning and unclogging activities.

Washing machine drain pipe overflowWashing machine drain pipe

An overflow in the drainpipe of the washing machine is common because of the clogged drain pipe. To fix this issue you need to unclog your drainpipe and sink. Different circumstances can cause the washing machine drain pipe to overflow. When some things get clogged inside the drainpipe it causes the washing machine drain pipe to overflow. Small pieces of fine fabric from your clothes get stuck inside the pipe and later they can block the drain pipe.

A kinked discharge hose can sometimes cause the drainpipe overflow issue. If the drainpipe size is different from the washing machine drain hose, it can cause the drainpipe to overflow. Sometimes the problem lies with the main sewer line, if it’s blocked the drain pipe may overflow.

How to fix washing machine drain overflow

Here is The Solution How to fix it.

Create room to work on the clogged drainCreate room to work on the clogged drain

Before you start to work on the clogged drain, turn off the machine and remove all water. Now give yourself enough space to easily deal with the washing machine.

Give the washing machine a little tilt to slide from the drain area. Take a drop cloth and put it on the surface where you will work on the machine.

Keeping a cloth or towels with you is appreciated as you may need them to avoid spillage.

Unclog the drain behind the machine

There are different methods to unclog the drain, such as cleaning chemicals, plumbing snake or arguer, hot water, and home remedies.

Use chemical to unclog the drain

There are a wide variety of chemicals that are used to unclog the drain. Although chemicals have some limitations they prove good to dissolve the clog.

Before using the chemical to unclog your washing machine drain, it’s an important task to read the instructions manual. Each chemical has its own waiting time to produce desired results.

Auger or plumbing snake

Auger is a device that is used to remove the debris and clog from the blocked drain. Auger physically removes the clogs by breaking them up and unclogging the drainpipe. Two different types of augers are used one is a manual auger, and the other is motorized.

Hot water to unclog the drainpipe

Hot water is one of the best agents to remove clogs from the drainpipe of your washing machine. Home remedies such as hydrogen peroxide and vinegar solutions are effective to clear the clogs.

Using hot water breaks the grease and soapy debris clogs and makes draining possible.

Methods to prevent washing machine drain pipe overflow in the future

Install a dedicated laundry sink: To prevent an unexpected drain pipe overflow install a dedicated laundry sink for your washing machine. A dedicated laundry sink helps to monitor the draining system.

Wire mesh lint catcher: wire mesh lint catcher is a good idea to prevent lint from entering the drain. The lint catcher should be cleaned once a month and it keeps your drain clog-free.

Enzymes to prevent the drain from clogging: Enzyme treatment is the best choice to remove the soapy scum. Regular use of the enzyme to treat the drain is good to keep the drain blockage free.

Drain snake to prevent clogging: over time your will notice draining is getting slow. A plumbing snake is the best choice to keep the drain running by breaking clogs and debris.


The washing machine may get overflowing due to problems with the drain pipe and the drain line. If the drainpipe gets some clogged microfibers of cloths, it can stop the water from draining. Try using auger or plumbing snake methods or try chemicals with hot water to remove the blockage from the pipe. Perform regular cleaning of the washing machine to meet the desired performance criteria.

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