Bathtub faucet leaking after water turned off

Bathtub faucet leaking after water turned off. The leaking bathtub faucet is very annoying when you turn it off but still dripping. The dripping bathtub faucet could be costly if not fixed on time.

Troubleshooting the leaking faucet is a little bit hard, we are going to discuss some reasons and the best solution. This problem occurs due to a faulty small washer, which can be delt at home.

Bathtub faucet leaking after water turned offBathtub faucet leaking after water turned off

Some other types are as follows

  • A faulty faucet stems.
  • Water pressure could be a factor for dripping.
  • The improper installation of the faucet.

Faulty/ damaged washer

Worn-out washers can cause a dripping faucet. A washer acts as a seal to stop the water supply when you turn off the faucet handle.

A rough use (wear and tear), and over time the washer gets broken or crack, Which will result in annoying dripping of the faucet.

The best idea is to replace the damaged washer with a new one to stop the faucet from dripping.

Faucet stemsFaucet stems

Let me bring your attention to the faucet stem, A fault with the faucet_stem can also trigger water dripping off the faucet.

Improper installation of the faucet

Improper installation is related to a plumbing issue, if the faucet is not properly installed or connections are not tight enough, faucets start dripping off after some time.

If the pipe connections are not properly installed or if they have gotten loose you will probably face a faucet dripping off the water.

High water pressureHigh water pressure

The pressure level of water can cause the problem too. if the water pressure is higher than a normal one, it will damage the seals and causes leaking of the faucet. Adjusting the water pressure helps in getting rid of the problem once fixed.

How to stop a dripping bathtub Faucet

Here we are going to explore some best methods to get rid of dripping bathtub faucets.

The possible factors for the problem could be washer, stem, or water connections. Once the problem is identified you can fix it at home.

Step by step approach to fix leaking bathtub faucet

  1. Shutting off the water

the first step is about shutting off the water supply so that plumbing could be easy. Note that if the water supply is opened during plumbing you will face water sprayed around. This process demands shutting off the water supply of the whole house.

  1. Removing handle

The second step in fixing the leaking faucet is about removing the handle. First, remove the cap, and unscrew the handle with a screwdriver. If the faucet is old or due to corrosion, it can be a little tricky and hard to remove. If it’s too hard to remove, use a tool designed to deal with this type of issue.

  1. Removing the escutcheon

The next step is about removing the escutcheon, which is plat covering the hole. Escutcheon can be either detached by using a screwdriver or by twisting around the escutcheon, depending on the type of faucet.

  1. Remove the stem assembly

The next step is to remove the stem assemble it with a tool known as an adjustable wrench. This step helps you to fix the leakage.

  1. Replacing the washer

Finally, this is the stage where you can start fixing the problem. Check the washer if damaged or broken. Replace the damaged washers with a new one to get rid of leaking bathtub faucets.

  1. Replacing the damaged seat

A seat is the part of the faucet that is attached to the washers, it happens that due to worn washers’ seats get damaged. The corrosion effect can also break the faucet seat that ends up in a leaking faucet.  Replacing the faucet seat helps to stop leaking the faucet.

The final step is about putting everything in the same way it was detached. Fix all the screws and settings. It will surely help to stop dripping off the bathtub faucet.


Bathtub faucet leaking after water turned off. Bathtub faucet leakage can turn costly if not fixed on time. You may get a heavy water bill and dripping off water also produces an annoying sound.  A leaking bathtub faucet should be dealt with immediately. A leaking bathtub faucet can be delt at home by following some specific steps as mentioned above. For any improvement and suggestions please provide us feedback.

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