Reset bose color soundlink

Reset bose color soundlink. Bose color sound links are speakers connected with Bluetooth, giving you the best audio. These speakers are charging devices and also work on the power, there are some problems with that speaker that occurred, and they are as severe as they do not solve quickly, and these are very bad.

There is nothing best option from their reset. When you reset them, you can get the solution to these problems quickly, and you come to know how easy this solution is.

Resetting is very easy, but some peoples are not aware of it. If you are searching for the same thing, you are at the right place; here is the proper procedure for resetting the Bose color sound link.

Reset bose color soundlinkReset bose color soundlink 2022

Resetting the Bose color sound link is not complex; this is simple, and you can do it very easily. If you do not perform well, it may be the cause of a very big problem you face, and this is not a good thing for your speakers; this may reach the stage where they do not get to remain on their stage they get worse badly.

The method f resetting is given here, and you should follow the same procedure and not miss any point; otherwise, there is the profit of this thing because this remains undone.

There resetting is discussed step by step, and you should follow all these steps if you want to reset your device. Resetting is described here:

Step 1: Connect your speaker to the power

This is the first step; in this step, you must connect your speaker with the power. Maybe the battery is low, and there is no chance for the speaker to proceed.

So, first of all, you have to connect your speaker to the power. Connection with the power is very good for the speaker when you are going to reset it.

Step 2: Power on the speakerPower on the speaker

The next step is to power on the speaker, and The speakers do not work when they are not powered on.

Powered on means, you turn them on, Which is very important as the device does not start to work as if it is not powered on. So turn your speaker on and proceed next to the work.

Step 3: Turn your speaker

Now turn your speaker in the condition that the buttons are exactly in front of you. This turning is not necessary. You can do it without turning, but it is a bit difficult for you as if this thing is not in front of you, then you do not see it clearly some issues may come with it.

So turn the speaker and set it in the condition that the buttons of your speaker are in front, and you can easily see and observe them and click them easily without any issue.

Step 4: Press AUX and buttons

Now when you turn and set the speaker to the best condition, you have to press the two significant buttons assigned to press jointly and reset the speaker AUX and the volume decrease button.

These buttons are very good to press jointly, ad there is no issue with pressing them, but it is fruitful as this is used for resetting the device.

Step 5: Hold buttonsHold buttons

When you have pressed the buttons that I told you, you have to hold on to them, not only pressing the button, not the solution to the problem. You must press them and hold on to these buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds.

This pressing allows the buttons to work best if you only press them, this is not a good thing for resetting. If you want the best resetting, you must press these buttons long for excellent work.

Step 6: Release buttons

This is the last step, and you have to agree with this step and not go against it now. When the timeline ends, which you have decided for the resetting, you have to take your hand and release both buttons.

You see that now your speaker is set to the factory reset, your all your setting is set to the default. Also, the errors coming in the working are clear, and there is no error due to which you are forcing the device to factory reset.

Now your problem is solved, your Bose Color sound link is reset to default, and issues are cleared.

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