Maytag Washer Not Filling With Water

Maytag Washer Not Filling With Water. The household water supply to Maytag may not be open. The valve that provides the washer with water is clogged, and the water doesn’t reach them. If the valves are kinked, then you need to clear them. The inlet valve should be working correctly.

I turned on my washer to wash my clothes, but to my surprise, the washer didn’t have any water. I turned the supply on and waited for the water to fill while using my phone. I turned the valve off after that and saw there still wasn’t any water in the washer.

I checked other taps to see if the water supply to the house was okay and found the house water supply functioning correctly. I called Maytag support, and they helped me with the issue. I provided my washer with water successfully.

Maytag Washer Not Filling With WaterWasher Not Filling With Water

Having Maytag showing functional problems is one of the worst cases, but water not filling in the washer is even more appealing than washer function problems.

Without water, washing isn’t possible. If the washer doesn’t get water, then the washer is useless because it won’t wash anything.

The water won’t fill in the washer with the valves not working. The hose of the washer can have kinks. Clogs in the washing machines are pretty common.

The household water supply isn’t diving any water out of the valves. The water tank of the house may be depleted from water.

Major water supply

The principal water supply actually refers to the water supply of the house. The house’s water supply is important as it is connected to all the taps and valves and is also responsible for supplying water to the valves and the taps.

If the household water supply isn’t providing water to the washer, then the washer, even though it’s connected to the water supply, won’t fill. Water from the major supply is important.

Check the main power supply to troubleshoot if your washer doesn’t get filled. Try opening the nearby taps to see the water coming. Your household water supply may have been interrupted for some reason.

Contacting the water supplier to your house will bring professionals who will test the water with special equipment. If the water is coming to your house but not circulating inside, a plumber must solve the problem if a major water supply is giving the water issue in the washer. It’ll be resolved.

The inlet valveThe inlet valve

The inlet valve is responsible for regulating the water flow in the washer. The inlet valve also regulates in Maytag, just like any other washer. It’s present behind the washer, and you will see it connected to the washer’s hose.

Both temperatures of the water supply are connected to a single inlet valve. By regulation, it prefills the tank before the washing cycle starts.

Pressure at a subtle amount is required by the inlet valve to regulate. The inlet valve won’t regulate if the pressure of water is too low.

The water inlet valve has a screen that can get blocked because of minerals in the water. Debris is responsible for clogging the screen as the screen doesn’t allow debris to get into the valve.

When the valve doesn’t open because of debris, there isn’t any place for water to enter the tank, and that’s why the washer doesn’t get any water. Set the pressure to suit the valve first.

The screen covered by debris should be cleaned to allow water into the inlet valve. You can replace the whole inlet valve if the debris is too much.

Hoes issue

Rubber hoes are present between the inlet valve and the house plumbing. The water flows through the hose and is then transferred to the inlet valve. If the water isn’t going from the hoes, they are clogged or have been kinked.

If the hoes get blocked, then the water can’t flow, the same with kinked hoes. Leaks in the Maytag hoes also won’t let the water fill.

Replacing the hoes is the solution for kinked hoes. You can clean the clogs of the hoes, but replacing the hoes is better. Hoes of Maytag or any brand aren’t expensive. Remove the old hoes by unscrewing them and place the new hoes and screw them.

The last word

Having Maytag not get filled with water is annoying. The water in the washer performs the main function. If the Maytag isn’t filling water, then check the household supply. Checking for the inlet hose and the valve together is also a great idea to start.

If the water is blocked from outside, contact local authorities. If the water isn’t circulating in the house only, then call a plumber. Having a water problem, call the Maytag support team for help and get the washer filled.

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