Maytag dryer error codes

Maytag dryer error codes. If you check error codes on the Maytag dryer, you need to worry because if an error code or fault code appears on the screen, it tells you something is wrong with the appliance.

Whenever you check an error code or flashlight blinking, immediately shut off the unit and troubleshoot the problem. If you do not resolve the problem quickly, then the tiny issue may change into a big problem, and you might have to change the dryer machine.

In old models of Maytag dryer machines, it was not easy to find the main culprit if the machines stopped working or draining the water. Still, now, in modern machines, you can quickly diagnose the trouble just by having the information of error codes.

Therefore, I am writing my research on the error codes of Maytag dryers, so I keep reading to gain knowledge. If you don’t know the actual meaning of an error code, you will pay extra money to hire someone to change or repair the faulty component.

Maytag dryer error codesMaytag dryer error codes 2022

Maytag dryer appliances dry the clothes in no time, but you will have to take care of the unit. Do not leave the plug in the outlet while not drying the clothes.

Some error codes have a simple solution, and you can fix them quickly, but some error codes indicate the big problems like faulty components then, do not open the screws if you don’t know the procedure.

1. Error code PF

If an error code PF appears on the display when you are drying the wet clothes in the machine, it means that electricity is a power failure. The drying cycle of the machine is stopped.


First, press and hold the Start switch to reboot the machine. The dryer will start to run correctly after rebooting.

2. Error code F-23

Error code F-23 shows on the screen when the exhaust thermistor of the dryer machine becomes defective. You can replace the faulty thermistor in this way.


  • Shut off the dryer machine.
  • Take a voltmeter and inspect the resistance of the thermistor sensor.
  • It must give a reading of 10000 ohms at average room temperature.
  • If it does not give this reading, then it means the thermistor is faulty.
  • If you have experience, change the thermistor; otherwise, hire an expert to replace the thermistor of the unit.

3. Error code F5 E2

This error code informs you to close the machine’s lid properly. Many electronic machines do not start until their door is not properly shut off.


So if this code appears, open the lid of the machine and see if there is a cloth stuck in it or not, then close the lid accurately. The error code will automatically be removed from the screen.

4. Error code F01

The F01 error code specifies that the main control board of the dryer machine is failed. It happens due to the power surge in the electric wires.


You can remove this fault code by switching off the machine for 5 to 1o minute.

5. Error code AF

An error code Af means that the dryer’s airflow is blocked and do something to remove the clog from the lint screen or vent. There are also chances that the vent pipe is twisted or kinked; therefore, the airflow is not easily possible.


If you want to get rid of this problem, then make sure to clean the lint from the lint screen after every cycle. Then check the vent pipes; if any pipe is kinked or dented, readjust its original position so that the airflow should not stop.

6. Error code F28

It means that the dryer’s moisture sensor is failed, and you need to repair or replace it to dry the clothes properly.


Detach the power cord of the dryer from the socket. Now inspect the sensor wire harness manually and with a voltmeter. If the wire attachments seem to be good, then change the moisture sensor of the unit.

7. Error code L2

The error code L2 shows less voltage in the home wiring, which stops the unit from switching on the unit thoroughly.


If this error code is appearing on display frequently, check the circuit breaker’s voltage. If there is significantly less voltage, shut off the machine for some time. You also need to check the machine’s power cable and whether it is perfectly plugged into the outlet.

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This article’s final words are that Maytag dryer error codes help us diagnose the problem in no time. All the famous codes and how we can troubleshoot them are mentioned above to help you.

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