Kenmore washer lid lock light flashing

Kenmore washer lid lock light flashing. Washers are very useful, and the Kenmore quality washers are very good.

These washers have a lid lock system this lid lock is the best thing that the unknown person does not use this washer without your permission as this person does not know how to open this and other things.

There are many buttons on the control panel, and these buttons have the lid lock, and these buttons also have their lights; there, the lid lock button’s light is flashing. Kenmore washer lid lock light is flashing continuously, and this is due to some issue. You have to control this issue and also try to solve this issue.

Kenmore washer lid lock light flashingwasher lid lock light flashing

The washer’s lid is a lock, and the light is flashing, which is not usual. This is a big indication of the problem, which you should try to solve, and there is not a single solution to this problem; there are many solutions, and these are precisely the problems.

The problems that are related to the lid lock light flashing are given:

  • The motor is not powered on:

The problem is with the motor; here, the lid lock light is flashing due to the washer’s motor not turning on even though the lid lock is closed. This is not a minor problem, and this is a very big problem that needs a solution.

When you put clothes in the washer, if the motor of the washer is not turning on or the power is off, this lid lock light is flashing continuously and indicates the problem.

If the motor is not on and the light does not flash, you are not aware of the problem, so this light is designed to give you the proper indication about the problem as there is some issue.

  • There is any blockage in the lid:

There should be some blockage in the lid, which means something is coming in the lid, and this does not allow the lid to close properly, and it gets half opened.

When you close the lid, you have to take care about the lid that this lid is closed entirely and make sure that there is no gap in it. Clear all the things that cause the blockage between the lid and the washer.

If there is any block in, then this block allows the lid to take a gap, and due to this gap, there is an error in it, and does not allow the washer to work.

  • Lid switch is not working:Lid switch is not working

The lid switch is not working, a very big issue that does not allow the switch or the lid to work. This lid does not get close to the switch or provide any other error, and it does not allow it to work completely.

When there is an issue that occurs in the working, this blinks the lights and indicates to you the issue that the Kenmore washer is facing the issue. There is not anything that does not allow it to work.

  • Fault in control board detection:

Any fault in the control board does not allow the machine to work well; when there is an issue with the control board detection, you have to search for this and make it right; otherwise, this is the cause of a big problem.

Detection is most important; if it does not detect and the lid is closed, it is still displaying that the issue is with the lid that it is not closed until it does not detect that the lid is closed, so the washer or the machine does not start working.

This washer completely depends on the control board and works on the signs the control board is giving to it, and this does not work.


These are some issues that the Kenmore washer is facing, and due to these issues, the Kenmore is flashing lights, and these lights are very bad when they get flashed. You have to stop this light; otherwise, this is not good.

The above are some reasons, and you must follow all these things and pay attention to them for the best working of the Kenmore Washer.

Its lid lock light does not blink without any issue; there must be an issue with it that does not allow it to remain good, and due to this, it creates issues and does not allow it to work.

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