How to reset speed queen commercial washer

How to reset speed queen commercial washer. Speed queen washers of the latest technology have a reset button already designed on them. Just press the speed queen washer button by pinching, and it’ll reset. Numbers don’t bind resetting methods. They depend on the washer model. Power reset is also an option.

My speed queen washer was giving errors. I decided to call the speed queen service care, and they told me to reset it. In the guide, resetting methods were given. I have added a different reset method to help you reset the washer. Reset cleared my errors and fixed my washer.

If you want to reset your washer and remove problems, then read the article.

How to reset speed queen commercial washerreset speed queen commercial washer

Resetting any washer solves most of the problems. The errors are cleared, but the step varies with washer models. Some have a reset button and don’t need complicated steps to reset.

Some require proper instruction, and even these instructions can be different. I’ll list the universal washer reset method of speed queen. Basic washing machine steps are the same.

Start with powering the washing machine off to reset it manually. Unplug the washer cord and let it stay. Shut off the water to the washing machine.

Let no power or water reach the washing machine for some time and then pug it back. Let the water flow and start the machine. The machine is reset. Other washing machines can use the reset button, and no powering is required.

With the reset button

Let’s start by resetting with the reset button. Advanced models of speed queen have special reset buttons. These reset buttons are a quick reset way for the user. The user can press the reset button while the machine is on for 10 seconds, and the resetting process will start.

The washing machine will power off after pressing the reset button and power on, on its own in a few seconds. The machine will be back to default functions, and you can manually input the settings. But working in default, the machine will give the best function.

Without the reset button

Not all washers give the perk of the reset button. The washers that are old in style don’t have a reset button. Old washers require manual reset. The manual reset without the button can be helpful if the reset button is faulty in the newer versions. Let’s see the steps.

Powering down

The washer reset involves powering it down. The power comes from outlets, and the power to the outlet corresponds to the main board. The main board is the primary power supply to the house. Start by turning the outlet off and then the main board, probably located in the basement or storeroom.

Remove the plugs of the washing machine inserted into the outlet. The washer’s power cord should be removed after the outlet is turned off. Remove the wires from the electrical if they get in the way. Though removing cords isn’t necessary.

Water flow

Water flow should be stopped after the electricity to the washing machine is eliminated. The water blockage isn’t necessary while resetting the device. But water should be off because there is a chance of a watery mess. Turing the valves will shut the water off.

If the handy valve of the washer is stuck, look for the valve supplying the water to the washer. Turn off that valve you just saw. If there is still no progress, go to the main water supply of the place and turn it off. The shut-off valve can be closed immediately and efficiently.

Replugging and testing

Check if 10 minutes have passed since unplugging. Clean the plug of the washer and put it in the outlet. Turn the outlet on and then go power the main board on. Powering the main board and outlet will give the washer its power back. Turn the water back on.

Now the device will power on as you press the power button. The washer is probably reset now. Repeat if the reset wasn’t successful. Test the washer controls and check if they are default now. Match them from the guide if you aren’t sure.

The last word

The testing of a washer with or without the reset button isn’t tricky; only power is disconnected in case of reset manually. Then re-powering the washer fixes the errors.

This is because the reset is complete. If the reset doesn’t work, contact speed queen services to get it on track.

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