Firestick won’t turn on

Firestick won’t turn on. Firestick is a beautiful modern device that changes the regular tv into smart tv. You may download different apps and games on the gadget, and you can play music on TV.

However, like other devices, it sometimes creates an issue, and most complain that the firestick won’t be turning on. There are a lot of solutions if your firestick device is not turning on.

First, whenever your electrical devices start to create any issues, switch it off and turn it on after five minutes. So, if your firestick is not turning on, restart the firestick device and router and check that it’s turning or not.

If this trick does not work, the next option is to factory reset the device; although it will completely clean it, a factory reset can solve the many issues in the device.

If you are here, it means you are also facing an issue with the firestick device, so keep reading this article because I will explain the primary causes beyond the firestick wont turn-on.

Firestick won’t turn onfirestick wont turn on

It is frustrating when all your friends come to your home to watch the movie, but the firestick device is not switching on.

Usually, when it happens then, restarting the device works, and the firestick turns on, but if it still does not turn on, check the following tips to start the firestick device to watch a movie on Tv.

The power cable is not plugged in accurately

First of all, when you see, the firestick device is not turning on, inspect whether the device’s power cord is inserted correctly on the wall outlet.

Sometimes you do not tightly plug the power cord into the outlet, so firstly, tight the cord in the outlet. Next, it could be an issue with the outlet so try to insert the cord in another receptacle to confirm this point.

Check the remote batteriesCheck the remote batteries

If the firestick device does not turn on, the first thing to check is its remote batteries because sometimes you don’t know if the remote batteries are finished.

The usage determines when to change the remote’s batteries, therefore there is no set time. However, changing the remote batteries after three months is suggested. Ensure to place the remote batteries properly by checking their positive and negative sides.

The device remote is broken

In our home, we do not take care of the remotes, so when they fall on the marble floor, or someone sits on the remote accidentally, it is broken, or its buttons are pressed.

So, when you try to turn on the firestick device by pressing the power button, it does not turn on. If you see any damage, replace the remote because you can not give the command to your firestick device without a remote.

Factory resetFactory reset

If there is no problem with the remote batteries and you have also restarted the firestick device, it is still not turning on.

When you factory reset the device, it cleans all the data on the device, and in most cases, when you factory reset the device, it turns on due to previous clearing settings.

Damaged physical connections

The firestick device does not turn on if the physical connections are somehow demolished. You need to fulfill all the physical connections. Refix those damaged connections so that the device switches on without interruption.

Electrical issues

When we are in hasten, we ignore some things like if the firestick device is not turning on, check the voltage power in the primary circuit box.

Sometimes, you don’t know if the wiring is damaged or twisted in the wall, so don’t ignore this factor. Check the wiring; if it is damaged, call an electrition to repair the faulty wire.


The bottom line of the article is that if your firestick won’t turn before you call the service center to take the services of a skillful expert, read these points to find different solutions and tips to turn on the firestick device.

  • The power cable is not plugged in accurately
  • Check the remote batteries
  • The device remote is broken
  • Factory reset
  • Damaged physical connections
  • Electrical issues

If still, you cannot turn on the firestick device, you can hire an expert to repair the device.

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