Ps4 controller x button not working

Ps4 controller x button not working. The PS4 controller is the device used to control the games, which has a vital role in playing games. These are some devices that are commonly used in homes. We all are aware of it very deeply.

There are also buttons on it, and these all have their special purposes, and these are all used at their need; otherwise, this is not good as it interferes with your work and disturbs the whole working of the game.

Press each button only when it is needed. A problem occurs with the buttons; they worsen and do not work correctly.

Ps4 controller x button not workingPs4 controller x button not working 2022

Here is the button x on the PS4 controller, which is not working; there are many reasons behind this problem.

The reasons or the problems that the X button is facing that do not allow it to work, and there are some solutions to the problems discussed below:

Again pair the controller

If the x button on the PS4 controller is not working, you must unpair the device and pair it again. That thing is equal to the refreshing means this is probably the same as you refresh the connection.

When any button or just the x button is not working, you should unpair it and pair it again. This is a step you may say that necessary as there is some issue in the pairing that does not allow some functions to work.

But when you unpair, these functions can be set at that time, and when you pair it again, these issues get cleared, all the functions are now working well, and the x button can also work well.

Make a USB connection

If your X button is not working, you should make its connection to the USB; not working this button is not a big problem; it can be easily soluble when you connect the USB to the controller.

This is a very easy way from my point of view, If your x button is not working, take the USB and connect it to the controller, and when it makes the connection and starts working, you may say it is suddenly working. Or may take a while and work, but start working.

Use wire connectionUse wire connection

Another very good and easy thing is that you have to connect the wire used for the connections. The issue of the X button may be solved when you take the wire and connect that wire.

Mainly wires are used for the connection when the Bluetooth or the virtual connection does not succeed, you need the connection, and this connection is also available. You can replace the whole connection from Bluetooth to the wire connection.

Here you have the choice of whether you want to make the connection with the wire or the Bluetooth, this thing completely depends on you, and you can do what connection you think is best, and it can be changed when it is not working.

Reset the device

If still, your x button is not working on the PS4 controller, then in the solution, you can also reset the device. Resetting is the main thing that is the solution to every digital thing.

If any of the buttons are not working or there is another issue your device is facing, then the last or first thing you can do is reset the device. If I told you the solution, I also told you about the procedure, and resetting is very easy.

A button on the controller contains the resetting function; this function is very good and helpful for us to work. There is a reset button; hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds and fulfill the condition. Then your controller starts working, and the issues it is facing can also get eliminated.

The button is stuck

The x button is not working, and it maybe gets stuck. This stickiness does not allow the button to press and start work.

When the button is stuck from its out, it is visible, and you can take it out by using a hairpin or common pin or the other material you can use to take the stick thing out. But sometimes, the button may be stuck from its inner side, and this stickiness may not be visible. You feel it.

The feeling which is occurring is that the button is hard from where you are pressing it. When the button is complex and does not press good and also not working, your button is stuck, and you have to take the button out by opening the controller.

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