How to keep phone cords from tangling

How to keep phone cords from tangling. It isn’t very reassuring to see phone cords tangling with each other because you can not pick up the phone and take it to another room in the building. It usually happens with long phone cables.

Cell phones are used everywhere, but telephones are still used in government offices and entrepreneurs. More than one telephone is fixed in the offices for connection. So, it is imperative to fix the phone cable in this way so that they should not mix with each other.

If the phone cord is unfortunately tangled, then the best way to get rid of this trouble is to use the phone wire untangler. It is a small device attached to phones to prevent the tangling of cords.

If your phone cord is tangled and you don’t know what to do, then don’t cry because I have written this informative article to explain various techniques to untangle the twisted wire.

How to keep phone cords from tangling

These days we see wires and cables everywhere to transmit signals and energy. It is essential to fix the cord so they do not wist with each other because it becomes dangerous, and you can not also pick up the phone.

When a wire gets twisted, then it can break, and it can not transmit the signals. But don’t get worried because every trouble has a solution. Let us find out how we can keep phone cords from tangling.

Use hair clips

It is a smile technique to control the phone cord. You can use a hair clip to manage the cord nicely. Swathe the phone cord smartly and secure the wires to keep them in place.

Use phone cable detangler.

Various kinds of devices are available in the market, like phone cable detangler, to manage the wires and save them from tangling. You can quickly turn the phone after fixing this device on the wire. You can use it in this way.

  • If your phone cord is tangled frequently and irritating for you, then, first of all, buy a phone cable detangler.
  • Pull out the cable from the phone.
  • Place the telephone on the office table.
  • Now tightly grip the cord and start to untangle it.
  • Now, put the cable into the detangler.
  • Fix the detangler to the telephone.
  • You can check the phone now.
  • Hopefully, your phone cable will not tangle now.

Rubber twist tie

Another option you can use to keep away the phone cord from tangling is a rubber twist tie. It is a more durable and good-looking technique to use.

Swap the method to hold the phoneSwap the method to hold the phone

Tangling of phone cord issue also depends significantly on how you pick the phone from the dial. If you pick the phone from the left hand, put it on the left ear so that no twist comes in the wire.

On the other hand, if you pick up the phone from the right hand, which is your dominant hand, and you put it on the left ear unconsciously, the wire will get tangled automatically.

If your phone wire is tangled due to picking it wrong side, then, first of all, pull out the cable from the cradle and untangle it with the help of your finger and hands.

Now change the position of your telephone on the table. If your left hand is dominant, then place the phone on the left side of your chair. If your right hand is dominant, place the telephone on the right side of the chair. Always remember to listen to the call from your air.

Sometimes the phone cord tangles, if you have a secretary in the office and his chair, is on the opposite side of the phone, so when he picks up the call and gives you, the wire tangle due to it. So you can adjust the phone according to ti this situation.


The bottom line of the article is that if your phone cord tangles and you want to know to keep phone cords tangling, then always use the phone with the dominant hand and the same side.

You can also use hair clips, rubber twist ties, and a phone cable detangler to control the phone cable.

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