John deere mower deck belt keeps coming off

John deere mower deck belt keeps coming off after running your machine for some time, it is frustrating because it interrupts you during work. If you are looking for a solution to this problem, you are on the right page because I will explain different reasons for this issue and how you can troubleshoot them.

The first thing to check when this issue occurs frequently is the belt. If the belt is too old and there are cracks on it, then it means it is worn out. You can not continue with this damaged belt because it keeps coming off while mowing the lawn, so you will have to replace it.

There are also several reasons the mower deck belt keeps coming off that require proper troubleshooting skills.

  • Belt is damaged
  • Blockage
  • Utmost temperature
  • Oil on belt

So it is suggested that if you are skillful, you can do repairs; otherwise, you can take the service of professionals.

John deere mower deck belt keeps coming offdeere mower deck belt keeps coming off

John Deere is a reliable brand, but sometimes john deere’s mower deck belt keeps coming off due to debris, high temperature, depreciation, and at times due to the position of the mower deck.

Some problems are minor, and you can troubleshoot them yourself, but if there is a more significant issue, you must hire a certified expert.

Belt is damaged

If the belt is continuously coming off, the first thing to check is the belt of the mower. If your mower machine is new, there should be no cracks. However, if your machine is old and you have been using it for a long time, the mower’s belt might be worn out due to cracks.

The belt itself is susceptible to stress due to constant use and facing various environments. So, it is essential to use the mower properly and clean the debris and dust from it when you finish cutting the grass.


When you run the mower on the lawn to cut the grass, sometimes the surface is even, and at times it is uneven. Therefore, different things like dust, grass, and stones are stuck between the pulley and the belt. When you run the machine, this blockage does not allow the belt to move freely, and the belt comes off repeatedly.

Its only and straightforward solution is that when you finish your work to cut the grass, immediately clean the dust and debris from each part of the machine before it dries.

Utmost temperature

This issue is also generated when there is maximum temperature, especially when it’s cold winter. When all things are frozen in winter, frequently heating a cold belt may also be the reason for coming off after some time.

It loses its shape in cold weather. If you continue running the machine with this issue, it will produce cracks on the belt and break it. So it is better not to use the machine in extreme weather and temperature.

Oil on beltOil on belt

If there is oil on the belt, it is also one of the causes of it coming off. If the oil is left on the mower belt for a long time, then it will expand the belt.

Oil also slips the belt from the pulley. So if you want to save the belt from oil leakage, inspect the total oil in the machine before cutting the grass.

If you filled the oil tank yesterday and now the oil level is low, it means there is oil leakage in the fuel tank. Check the oil tank and repair it if it is damaged anywhere.

After repairing the oil leakage, clean the oil from the belt and start the machine. If the belt is still repeatedly coming off, replace the John deere mower belt.


The bottom line of the discussion is that if your stop operating the machine and check the belt’s condition. If it is worn and there are a lot of cracks on it, you have to change the belt to end the problem.

Blockage of different objects is also why the belt falls off. Always remove the debris, grass, and mud from the machine before drying out.

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