Bad boy mower hydraulic problems

Bad boy mower hydraulic problems. The bad boy lawn mower is used for landscaping and cutting the grass. Usually, it is an excellent brand to use, but if you do not take care of it properly like you will not clean it properly and use old fuel, it will start to malfunction.

The bad boy mower is such a great machine that it works smoothly on an uneven surface and cuts the grass correctly, but if it has some hydraulic problems, it will work roughly and does not cut the grass efficiently.

It is not difficult to troubleshoot your bad boy lawn mower hydraulic issues at home if you have some skills to one the screws and other parts.

However, I suggest you contact a professional to fix the problem if you are not highly skillful but if you have some skill and want to save the budget, then read this article to learn about everything in detail.

Bad boy mower hydraulic problemsmower hydraulic problems

Bad boy lawn mower hydraulic problems can differ and generate various issues and symptoms. If you want to solve these issues, then, first of all, inspect the oil leakage in the unit. If oil leaks from transaxle parts, you might need to install a new seal kit in the mower.

 Not moving

Several reasons exist if your bad boy lawn mower does not move, but the most common issue is that the drive pump belt is damaged or fallen.

So, if you check that the drive pump belt is faulty or fallen, change it with a new belt to get things going.

It is essential to keep your hydraulic oil updated because if the amount of oil is less in the lawn mower or the oil in the tank is too old, the machine looks weak and does not move. So, if your lawn mower is not moving, refill the hydraulic oil or in the oil tank.


Laen mower vibrates and shakes naturally when you d land scrapping with it, but if it increases, shaking when some of its parts become faulty or worn out. Inspect each part in detail so that if any part is broken, replace it. If the dust and debris in any part, then clean it.

The lawn mower is highly complex, so it can start shaking due to minor issues. Inspect all parts, even small ones, because a faulty component can create a vibrating and shaking issue.

Leaking fuelLeaking fuel

Leaking fuel is a big issue with the mower because if you don’t know the machine’s oil or gas leakage, its result is hazardous.

The lawn mower can catch fire or smoke. The most common reasons beyond the leaking fuel from the mower are a cracked fuel tank, faulty fuel pump, and old fuel filter.

These hydraulic issues are not possible to fix by you, so it is better to hire a certified professional to repair or replace the culprit component beyond the leakage of fuel in the bad boy lawn mower.

Smoking issue

If the bad boy lawn mower is smoking, it is hazardous because the smoke when water enters the fuel system. If there is oil leakage in the engine, the mower will start to smoke. So if the oil is in access, drain some of the oil.

Another reason for the mower’s smoking issue is the air filter’s clog. When you cut the grass, dust, and grass come into the air filter and create smoking problems.

Its simple solution is that detach the air filter from the unit and clean it properly. Remove all the dust and grass inside and then refix in the mower. If this were the issue, smoke would not come out of the machine.

Suddenly dies

Suppose you are facing such an issue with the machine that it suddenly stops while cutting the grass. In that case, various factors are responsible for this issue like old fuel, fuel lines, the filter clogged with debris, faulty spark plug, dirty carburetor, etc.



The final words of this article are that if you have a bad boy lawn mower to cut the grass, then you have to maintain it properly by keeping up to date its all parts. But, if it still creates some hydraulic issues, then read all points mentioned in this article to sort out the issues.

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