Symptoms Of A Bad Solenoid On Riding Lawn Mower

Symptoms Of A Bad Solenoid On Riding Lawn Mower. Symptoms of a bad lawn mower include overheating of the mower. Improper machine working is its symptom. The humming sound produced by the ignition key of the mower, when turned on. Mower not starting is also a symptom on its own.

My lawn mower wasn’t working correctly. It wasn’t starting. Whenever I inserted the key, there was a humming sound from the ignition key. The wire was getting hot and even melted from the side a little bit.

The smoke from the mower wire was scary. I hurriedly turned the mower off. I even heard a clicking sound while it started. When I told my technician, he told me the symptoms of a lousy mower. I fixed my mower after knowing the solenoid issue.

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Symptoms Of A Bad Solenoid On Riding Lawn MowerA Bad Solenoid On Riding Lawn Mower

Having a mower problem because of a lousy solenoid is really annoying. The bad solenoid won’t let the mower function. The device with a bad wire won’t start.

You might hear clicking when the ignitor key of the device is turned on. The mower might not start at all. Smoke coming from the wire because of the wire burning and melting is a primary solenoid symptom.

Touching both the metal ends of the screwdriver to the large terminal coherently shouldn’t start the engine, but if the engine starts because of touching the terminals, replace the solenoid because it is bad. The motor may be defective if not started.


Battery problems in a mower like other devices aren’t new. But the battery isn’t our focus. The solenoid is related to battery issues too.Battery

If the battery runs out faster, then one of the reasons is the solenoid is causing it. A solenoid, after all, is a piece of wire that can be damaged.

If the battery isn’t working, then the solenoid of the mower might be bad and the solenoid will need a replacement with another. The bad solenoid to the battery isn’t fixable. Just replace it.


A humming sound as the mower is turned on also indicates the solenoid is bad. The clicking sound is also the same as the humming sound because the sounds can vary, but the main problem is a solenoid and it remains. The humming sound is generated when the ignition key is turned on. The same goes for clicking.

Any starting sound produced not because of the motor is caused by the solenoid. The sound will remain until the solenoid is not replaced.

The humming sound of the mower shouldn’t be ignored. The humming and clicking can lead to other problems. Replace the solenoid when humming and clicking are heard.


Another mower solenoid problem is smoking. YOu may see smoke coming from the mower when the mower is started. The smoke may come when the mower works for a little time.

The smoke may be because the wires inside the mower are melting. The melting of wires and smoke coming from the mower are all solenoid symptoms.

The smoking shows wire melting while the wire means the solenoid is not good. This mower symptom also needs a replacement. The solenoid itself can melt too and the smoke will be caused by the smoke too. If the smoke isn’t coming from the solenoid, then it’s not the problem.

Not startingNot starting

If the mower is making the humming sound and not starting, then the solenoid is the problem. The same without the humming and clicking.

If the ignition is key turned but the device doesn’t on, then the solenoid in the riding mower is bad. The not starting can be related to the motor.

Check the solenoid first and see if it’s bad and then the motor. You can check the motor first and then the solenoid if you have suspicions. Just swap the solenoid when facing a problem.


There is a simple solenoid testing method. You need a screwdriver to test the solenoid. Just take the screwdriver and hold it. Then touch the metal side of the screwdriver to the terminals at the same time.

If the engine turns on because of that, then the solenoid isn’t good and needs swapping. You can swap the solenoid easily. If it doesn’t start, the motor may have a problem. Testing helps know the starting symptom. Starting with a screwdriver is also a symptom.

The last word

Having a bad solenoid isn’t the Buddhist problem, but not knowing the solenoid is bad is the problem. Bad solenoid symptoms include the humming sound while starting do not start at all.

Testing the solid with a screwdriver is the easiest solid testing trick at home. You can use a multimeter to test the solenoid too. Knowing the solenoid symptoms, fixing is easy.

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