How To Turn Off Ring Camera

How To Turn Off Ring Camera. There are three lines on the top corner of the ring app. It’s the menu and you can Choice it. Now in devices, select the Ring camera and disable it. Plugging the camera off or taking camera batteries will turn the Ring camera off.

I don’t remember the reason, but I had to turn my Ring camera off. I think it was showing an error. I turned the ring camera off. It was easy. I used the guide and learned other settings about the Ring camera and the device features. You can turn the Ring camera off easily.

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How To Turn Off Ring CameraTurn Off Ring Camera 2022

Some users do not consider the ring camera safe, as they think it may spy on them. The ring camera was rejected for this by multiple users. Though if it’s about quality, you should get the Ring camera.

It won’t let even a bird escape from the view. You may be going on a vacation and thus you want to turn the ring camera off as you don’t need to record it. You can have other reasons to turn the camera off. It’s good to know the way to turn it off.

Turning the Ring camera off through the motion sensors is a neat idea. Motion sensitivity disabling can turn the camera off too. You can manually switch off the camera using the Ring app.

Basic direct disconnection

Let’s start with basic camera disconnection. To disable the camera for sufficient time, you can use the Ring app. But download the ring app from the online store first.

There are software requirements for downloading the ring app on the phone OS. Just search Ring and the first app will be your desired app.

Let’s get to disabling the camera. Open the app and insert your email and Account info to sign in. You can sign up in the ring app if you are a new user.

In the Ring app, go to the settings and tap set up a device. At the back of the Ring device, you’ll see MAC ID or QR code. Scan the code. You can dismantle the camera to not cause damage.

Turn the location on and specify the settings of the network. Also, provide your information. Name the device connection RingCam to remember easily.

Now open Bluetooth and connect to the device named RingCam as it’s the name of your Ring device. Connect RingCam by tapping and pairing.

Reopen the Ring app. As your device is already connected, Open the settings. You can open settings by using the lines present in the top corner of the Ring application. Now look for the devices. You will find the RingCam device on the list by scrolling.

RingCam will always be the name of the Ring device unless you change it. Just tap on RingCam and you will see the options. Disconnect the RingCam and your camera won’t record. The RingCam can be disabled now and it won’t record them.

Motion record control

The other way to turn the camera off is through motion record control. If no motion is being recorded, then the camera won’t be recording either.

You can just lower the sensitivity of the motion sensor to a minimum and you’ll see the recording won’t occur when the sensitivity is set to zero. But turning the sensor off rather than changing sensitivity is more secure. The setting steps from the start are same.

Opening the ring app is vital to access the device settings. Ring app has three lines at the top, select the lines. The devices will open and you select the device, then go to the motion sensor options of the device and tap disable the motion sensors.

A gray dot will appear, meaning that the motion sensor has been disabled. You can close the ring app and redo the Ring steps if the senior isn’t disabled. Look for the gray dot when this happens.

The last word

Disabling the ring camera recording for saving energy when you are away is a good choice. You can disable the camera with sensitivity. You can turn the motion sensor off to stop detection or recording.

The standard disconnection method is my choice. Just unpair and disable the device and no recording happens. Call Ring services for more help.

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