Motion sensor light turns on and off repeatedly

The motion sensor light turns on and off repeatedly. It is very essential to fix motion sensor lights outside the home for security issues. Besides this, these motion sensor bulbs are made of flawless and high quality they start creating issues like turning off and on frequently.

Motion sensor lights are good to have in your home because you can see your lawn and gate if you are coming late to home but at times you can get frustrated because some bulbs are too sensitive that they start to turn on and off even from very small movements of the small bugs.

Following are some common prospects that generate these issues.

  1. Wires are defective
  2. Electrical connections are bad
  3. Motion sensor lights are dead
  4. Flying bugs
  5. Debris and dirt
  6. It is too sensitive
  7. Issue of voltage

It is not such a big issue that you will have to hire some professionals. You can test the sensor bulb by yourself and readjust its sensitivity. If any bulb is faulty then replace it with a new bulb.

Motion sensor light turns on and off repeatedlyMotion sensor light turns on

Nowadays most people fix motion sensor bulbs to check the movement outside the home the night time. But, at times they start to flash on and off repeatedly which makes them useless.

It is very annoying because there is no separate button to switch off the motion sensor light separately. Let’s read out the possible reasons behind this trouble.

Wires are defective

If you are planning to install the normal bulbs or motion sensor lights outside the home for protection then always hire a professional electrician to wire the lights.

The reason beyond this point is that if the electrician will not fix the wires properly underground then they can become defective due to moisture or there are also chances that some birds chewed them.

One more thing if your electrical wires are not made up of high quality then they can be broken and lights will starts to blinks off and on itself.

Whenever you face such an issue then, first of all, inspect the wires and if you found them defective then repair or replace them with new quality wires.

Electrical connections are bad

This is another possible reason behind this trouble. If the electrical connection of wires is bad and loose in some places then the current will not continuously flow to the sensor bulb.

Therefore, ensure that there is no loose connection between wires and bulbs. If there is a loose connection at any place then tighten it with the help of screwdrivers.

Motion sensor lights are deadMotion sensor lights are dead

As you know motion sensor lights are installed outside the home so they bear the direct sunlight the whole day. Hence, they become dead with time or faulty with time.

You can check the warranty card if the life span of sensor lights is not over and they are creating trouble by auto on and off then you can replace them with a new one.

Flying bugs

In the summer season, bugs fly near the street and home lights. So sometimes sensor lights turn on and off when a bug comes near them. You can fix this kind of problem by minimizing the sensitivity level of the light.

Debris and dirt

It is also very important to install the light accurately and clean the debris and dust from the sensor light. If you will not clear the debris from the light then it could sparkle due to continuously touching and then losing the connection.

It is too sensitive

Some models of motion sensor lights are too sensitive that they turn on and then off due to very small movements like wind, the motion of tree branches, and at times due to very small bugs flying close to them.

Issue of voltage

You can not ignore the variation in the voltage from the transformer that can affect the motion sensor bulb to turn and off. So if all other points are not a reason behind the problem then you can also check the voltage of the bulb.



The bottom line of the article is that if your motion sensor light then decreases the sensitivity level of the light because some bulbs turn on due to sensing very small movement. I hope the article will help you to diagnose the main culprit behind this trouble.

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