Alexa Sorry Something Went Wrong

Alexa Sorry Something Went Wrong. A weak internet connection to Alexa causes Alexa to say something went wrong. Enabled devices not working are a big Alexa problem. The Alexa app may be misbehaving or a bug is preventing is causing the something went the wrong issue.

Being an Alexa user, I get this issue a lot. At first, I thought “something went wrong” is a big issue, but later I realized that it’s caused by simple reasons. It is usually because of Wi-Fi connection is weak.

App issues cause it as well. App bugs are pretty common. I know all issues of Alexa and with my own experience. I present this Alexa article to you.

So keep reading!.

Alexa Sorry Something Went WrongAlexa Sorry Something Went Wrong 2022

Imagine trying to set Alexa routines or giving it some tasks, but in return, you get something wrong. Annoying isn’t it.

If you have a weak Wi-Fi connection or the signals are full but you don’t have any internet access, Alexa will show you or say that something went wrong. The same goes for app bugs. Bugs cause software dysfunction and settings disturbance.

Fixing Alexa with a strong Wi-Fi connection is basic. Reinstalling the Alexa app may remove the bugs. Resetting Alexa and setting all options to default is good. Troubleshoot Alexa if it misbehaves. It may be groundbreaking but not error-free. The guide is available. Manage the device.

Let’s see more.

Weak/No internet connection

The primary reason for the error is the weak or no connection of Alexa with Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connection isn’t a big Alexa issue, but it certainly causes headaches. The router may be off. The Wi-Fi modem is too far from Alexa.

The cables of routers aren’t plugged in. There isn’t any internet access as you are out of data. It can be a timely access issue. You may have disregarded connecting Alexa with Wi-Fi because you thought it doesn’t need Wi-Fi.


If you haven’t connected Wi-FI to Alexa, then connect it. You can easily connect Alexa to the internet by using the Alexa app. You can connect Alexa with a mobile hotspot too. But let’s use Wi-Fi. Connect the router cords to the outlets.

The router will turn on with lights indicating its connection. Wait before connecting. Later connect. Wi-Fi should be in Alexa’s range. Weak connections will get disrupted easily. Clear Wi-Fi distance.

Try asking Alexa a question. If Alexa still gives something went wrong, then check internet access. Make sure you have internet. If you have, then restart the router.

It may work. Otherwise, call your Wi-Fi company and get it solved. When you have a connection and a good one, then the Alexa error will disappear.

Too many tasks

Alexa is smart, but you cannot expect it to answer everything. All questions to be Alexa should be asked in order. If you barrage Alexa with questions, it won’t be able to answer. A strong Wi-Fi will affect the ability of Alex in a good way. But Alexa has a limit too.


Asking Alexa questions in order will work. Asking too fast won’t allow Alexa to answer, so be clear and a bit slow to ask. Ask a single question at once. Alexa will process and answer, then ask the other question. Speak slow and clear. Maintain Alexa on time.

Alexa app/firmware

Alexa app allows you to change Alex’s settings via smartphone. Sometimes Alexa app gets bug attacks. These bugs randomly change settings. So when you ask Alexa something, the wrong settings change your question and Alexa says something went wrong.

Software glitches can cause Alexa to disconnect to Wi-Fi and the problem begins. Glitches in Alexa’s firmware are also the problem roots. Actually, bugs come from firmware glitches.


Reinstalling the Alexa app can solve the bug glitches. Keeping the app updated will work too. Remove bugs from the phone by resetting or deleting harmful files.

Alexa firmware updates carry bug fixes. Keep Alexa updated and its app too. software updates will pop up when they come and you can also check the updates in the Alexa app.

Internal issues

It’s not common but hardware problems on Alexa can cause this problem too. The broken Alexa receiver will not allow Wi-Fi to connect. The phone won’t connect to the broken receiver, either.


If the wires of Alexa are damaged from the inside, you’ll need professional help. The receiver or Wi-Fi connector of Alexa needs changing. It can only be changed or fixed by a professional. Fix it at the company.

The last word

Alexa displaying “something went wrong” is caused by Wi-Fi and damage to the connector. It can be a software issue or app problem. Access may be low or connection may be far. Do not worry, the Alexa fixes above are enough. Read Alexa’s guide and contact Amazon for more.

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