How to reset blackweb bluetooth headphones

How to reset blackweb bluetooth headphones. If you work in an office or go to jump and love to listen to the call and music then black web Bluetooth headphones are best to consume because it is not easy to use handle the wired headphones if you are out the home.

But unfortunately, they can be awkward sometimes and start to malfunction. There are various kinds of trouble that can occur to the Bluetooth headphones like.

  • Sound is not coming
  • Suddenly stop pairing with the computer or mobile

Don’t worry you are not because it happens with many people. Last month it happened with my Bluetooth headphones, they work well for two days and they suddenly stop playing the sound.

I am sharing this problem with my friend. He advised me to reset the black web Bluetooth headphones. You are here on this page it means you are bearing the same trouble so keep reading the article to know the method of how to reset black web Bluetooth headphones.

How to reset blackweb bluetooth headphonesreset blackweb bluetooth headphones

Normally all the Bluetooth headphones have the same technology to use and operate so follow the below-mentioned steps to reset your Bluetooth headphones.

1. Switch off the black web Bluetooth headphones

If your Bluetooth headphone is not playing well then do not throw them in the bin to purchase the device. You can make an attempt to reset them in no time. The first step is to switch off the Bluetooth headphones through the power button. You can find the power button easily on the device.

2. Push the power button

Now push the power button. It varies in different models of Bluetooth headphones because in some devices you will have to push the volume button at the same time as the power button.

3. Clasp down the button for a half minute

If you are resetting the Bluetooth headphones then you will have to clasp down the power button or power and volume button for twenty to thirty seconds.

4. Check the light flashing on the headphones

After twenty to thirty seconds free the power and volume button from the headphones and check the light flashing on them which is an indication to display pairing reset.

5. Remove the name of headphones from mobile

Now it’s time to look at your smartphone or computer. Open the Bluetooth settings options and remove the name of the headphones from your smartphone.

6. Reboot the mobile

After removing the name of Bluetooth headphones now it’s time to reboot the smartphone. I am not here to explain to you how to reboot the phone but you can just do it by pressing the power button for 5 seconds and then selecting the reboot option from the screen of the mobile.

7. Repair the headphones with mobile

When you see the mobile is restarted then you can repair it with the headphones in this way.

  1. Go to the settings option in the smartphone
  2. Open the Bluetooth option
  3. Now check the name of the black web Bluetooth headset from the list.
  4. After finding the name you can press done to repair both devices.
  5. Play a track and listen to the sound to ensure that the problem is solved or it is still malfunctioning.

What to do if the reset does not work

If the sound is still not coming then follow these steps.

  • Ensure that the Bluetooth headset is turned on or you forget to turn it on.
  • Check the battery power of the headset device and mobile because in some devices there is a power-saving mode and they stop to play the tracks when the battery is low.
  • Restart your computer or mobile phone.
  • Ensure the distance between the mobile and Bluetooth headset is not more. Because if you are out of the range of the device then the sound will stop coming.
  • Update the software of the mobile device.


The final words on this article are that if your headset is creating trouble and you are unable to enjoy the music then before you throw them out of the home you can attempt to reset black web Bluetooth headphones.

It is not a difficult task and you can do it in no time. All the procedure is mentioned in the above points so you can follow them to save money.

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