How to test a dishwasher pump motor

How to test a dishwasher pump motor. The dishwasher’s pump motor testing is straightforward, and you can do it. This is not complex, it is a bit difficult, but if you pay attention to the work, this is very easy for you.

The dishwasher is a device that is used for washing plates and dishes in a modern way. This requires just the presence of the plates and the soap, which is used for washing purposes.

It would help if you had a small effort for it. You need to place the plated in and then wash it on its own from the dishwasher.

How to test a dishwasher pump motortest a dishwasher pump motor

Testing the dishwasher pump motor is straightforward, and you can do it. The motor of the dishwasher is beneath the dishwasher.

Here are some simple steps that are used for the testing of the motor. The steps are given as follows:


Some tools are used for opening the dishwasher. If it is not open, the motor does not come out, and you do not check it. The tools here require are not unique.

These are usual which are used in homes, and they are also present in your home. The tools required for disassembling the dishwasher are the wrench, pliers, and a meter which is required to measure how much speed the motor is working, i.e., Ohm meter.

These are simple tools and are already present in your homes. When you assemble all the tools, then start the work next.

Safety first

Safety first is the thing required in the working of the motor checking. You have to unplug the switch if plugged into the outlet. Safety is necessary because life is precious, and this is our priority.

Turn the button off and unplug the switch from the outlet. You are secured if you make the switch from the outlet and turn it off.

Turning down the dishwasher

You have to turn the dishwasher down as the dishwasher’s motor is on the downside. You have to take it down and then start working.

Turn it down and check the place where you want to open it or where the place of the opening is. From the downside, start opening the dishwasher.

Start opening the dishwasher

In this step, you have to start opening the dishwasher. Here are the tools which you have decided to use. When you find the place, start opening the dishwasher machine.

Use the screwdriver to open the dishwasher, and open the screws that handle the device to open or close. Now when screws are open, take the plate out and disconnect the connectors, which are anti-flood; these are necessary for the dishwasher’s work.

Check area related to motor

When you disconnect the flood connectors, checCheck area related to motork the area related to the motor and check how many connections remain that you should disconnect.

The motor is not just placed in the dishwasher that you can remove easily. Some hard work is needed to remove the motor, remove the clamps that are with the motor, and they are used for handling the connections between the circulating pump and motor.

Disconnecting all connections

The clamps around the motor used to hold between the motor and the circulating pump are removed. Start disconnecting all the connections and remove all the wires used for the connection.

If these wires are removed, then the motor comes out. Otherwise, there is no chance for it to come out.

Remove all the wires, whether ungrounded or the other connection wires. Mainly clamps are used in all these wires, and they can easily be removed from the motor and make it accessible. Also, unscrew all the parts that are joined through the screws.

Take the motor out and start testing

In this step, remove the motor from the appliance and start its testing. Lay it on the table where you want to test the dishwasher’s motor. In this step, take the ohm meter for the measuring purpose.

Always when you start the measuring, you have to set the om meter and then start testing, set it in the zero or one form and take the motor and check the resistance of that motor if the reading of the motor is above 100, then your reading is correct.

Insert the screwdriver and check

Now insert the screwdriver into the machine and allow it to move if it moves freely and does not seize when inserting the screwdriver.

Make sure that when you insert the screwdriver, the motor moves freely; if it moves freely, then no issue is with it.

If it is clogged, then the issue is with the motor, and make it correct before placing and setting the motor into the dishwasher. Another two things also occur when the issue is with the motor, it creates noise and does not start properly when you start it.

Put the motor back and close it

The dishwasher’s motor is tested, and then you must place the motor back in the dishwasher and connect all the wires and the connected hoses before disassembling the machine.

Close all things and shit the lid from where you open the dishwasher. Put the dishwasher back, and now you can use it.

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