Kenmore elite dishwasher error codes

kenmore elite dishwasher error codes. It was challenging to diagnose the problem in old models of dishwashers because there was no error code system in them. Nowadays, in modern Kenmore elite dishwashers, finding the issue in the unit is effortless.

Because if any component is defective, its error code or fault code will come on the display screen, and you can quickly know that the thermostat or drain pump is faulty and not doing its job.

In some modes, flashlights blink instead of error codes; you can also diagnose the trouble. But, for all this, you must know error codes. You must know the meaning of each fault code. For example, if the temperature sensor is failed to do its job, then error code tE will show on display.

Make sure to switch off the appliance immediately to save the unit from fire. Keep reading this article to learn the information about essential error codes and how you can troubleshoot them.

Kenmore elite dishwasher error codesKenmore elite dishwasher error codes 2022

If an error code is displaying on the display screen or the flashlight is blinking, the appliance indicates a particular fault.

You will have to do some repairing to operate the appliance. Let’s read out at famous error codes that pop up mainly on the Kenmore elite dishwashers.

1. Error code OE

If an error code appears on the Kenmore elite dishwasher’s screen, it indicates that the water is not clearing from the dishwasher, and you will have to do something to drain the water. Otherwise, there will also be a pool in the unit and soon in the kitchen.

Remove the remaining food from the plates before entering them into the unit to wash. If you do not clear the plates and utensils, then that food will be stuck in the drain hoses, and the water will not clear.


If the error code OE shows on the screen, switch off the unit and drag out the plates and pots from the dishwasher. Pour hot water and vinegar into a solution, then fill the dishwasher with it. After five minutes, flow the hot water and check that the water is draining quickly now.

2. Clean light flashes seven times

If the clean light flashes seven times on the dishwasher display, it shows the heater circuit is a detective and failed to do its work. You will have to check the unit’s wiring, main control board, and heating element.


Contacting a skillful expert to inspect the appliance in detail is better. Replace the component to operate the unit.

3. Error code F3E2

If fault code F3E2 is displayed on the screen, then it informs you thermistor of the dishwasher is shorted. You can repair it in this way.


  • Pull the cord from the outlet to turn off the dishwasher.
  • Now inspect the wiring between the thermistor and the main control board.
  • Repair or replace the cable harness if it is broken or damaged.

4. Error code F5E1

The Error code F5E1 means the door switch is faulty. If you have been using the dishwasher for a long time, you must know that shut the dishwasher door immediately after pressing the power switch. This error code will appear after pressing the power button if you do not close the door for 4 to 5 seconds.


If the door latch assembly is broken, this code will also appear. You will have to turn off the appliance and check the cable harness of the door switch.

If you see any loose wires, then tighten them, and if the wires are damaged, replace them. Replace the door latch component to resolve the problem code if there is no issue with the wire harness.

5. Error code F6E2

This error code informs that the water inlet valve is defective. When the water inlet valve becomes faulty, the water will not fill in the dishwasher, so it is crucial to fix it. In other cases, you will have to turn off the appliance to unlink the power supply.


First, check the cable harness links to the water inlet valve. If you see any loose cables, tighten them. If the cable harness is damaged, then change it.

How to fix dishwasher error codes


The article concludes that Kenmore elite dishwasher error codes inform us there is something wrong with a specific component and to check it. Each error code has its meaning and is related to one particular part and function.

You can quickly diagnose and fix the error if you have experience. If you don’t know, stop the dishwasher and contact experts.

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