How to secure a dishwasher

How to secure a dishwasher. On the side of the appliance, installing mounting brackets will work. Attach the dishwasher to the counter by using screws. Mounting brackets are necessary for securing the dishwasher.

I installed a new dishwasher, but the side of the rack kept tilting forward. I thought the area, and the dishwasher weren’t coping well. I was worried. I thought of increasing the area or decreasing it so the dishwasher fits.

But before I ruined my dishwasher completely, a friend who used to work at the store visited me and when he saw me messing with the dishwasher, he stopped me.

He told me about mounting brackets and tricks to prevent tilting.

I’ve stopped the dishwasher tilting and the mounting brackets are fantastic. I’ve explained the installation of the mounting bracket below. Keep reading!.

How to secure a dishwasher

Anchoring the appliance isn’t difficult. Mounting brackets provide full protection, and you don’t have to worry about tilting the rack when brackets are installed.

The dish rack won’t fall and the dishes won’t break. The mounting brackets are provided by the manufacturers on the countertop usually. The side brackets may be available on the dishwasher.

They may not be provided by the manufacturer at all. Purchase the side or countertop brackets depending on your dishwasher. They’ll both secure it.

If you don’t install it, then you are responsible for the broken dishes and you’ll keep getting the dishes broken until the appliance is not secured.

Required tools

  • Pliers
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrenches

Checking out

You need to check if new mounting brackets need to be installed or if you don’t have installed the old ones. Usually, countertop dishwasher brackets are present and they can be used as side mounting brackets.

You may want to replace the whole dishwasher or just the countertops.

If it’s the countertops, then you can convert them into small parts and transform the countertops into side mounting brackets.

It doesn’t require mounting skills. You just need the required tools and purchase the countertop or side mounting brackets. Only buy, if countertop mounting brackets aren’t already installed in the dishwasher. Let’s see more.

Removing the dishwasher

The dishwasher needs temporary pulling for the installation side mounting brackets. It can be a few inches, but it’s necessary. Power off the main board and no power will damage you or the appliance while working.

Then at the bottom of the dishwasher, you’ll see the access panel. Remove the access panel by unscrewing it. Make sure the plumbing is not tight and is good for removal.

Remove both the drain lines and wear lies with a wrench from under the sink. Remove the dishwasher plug to remove hurdles from work.

After loosening the dishwasher to the required level, pull the dishwasher out a few inches from the cabinet. It’ll be easy when the dishwasher is free.

Installing the brackets

When the dishwasher has been removed, the slots to hold the side mounting brackets come into view. Plastic caps will be covering one side, but don’t worry, they aren’t necessarily there.

The side mounting brackets will snap into their position when they are slid correctly. Bend them with the pliers to prevent the brackets from moving.

The dishwasher can be pushed back now. Center the appliance. Try lining the side mounting bracket and the existing hole to the side of the cabinet.

Drill another hole if the existing hole isn’t big enough. Make a hole in the other side by removing the caps. It is better to make another hole because the screws can later damage the wood while you are fixing them.

For a better grip, use larger screws on the new installment. You can now put the caps back in their places. They aren’t necessary. Just put the caps in their slots.

Now fix the dishwasher into its place by sliding it and positioning it back in the base cabinet. Now connect the drain line and water line back to the appliance. Now you are safe to power the dishwasher, so turn on the main board.


The safety of the dish rack is a priority in a dishwasher. Securing the dishwasher and not letting the dishes break is a natural thing to do.

The mounting brackets, side, and countertop can help in securing. You can install mounting brackets by the above steps and have no worry.

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