How To Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

How To Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button. Connect with the TV and power both of them on. Select the input source you think is correct. Add batteries in the remote. Select the proper settings and the devices will sync.

I installed my new TV and wanted to connect it to my Roku device. I wanted to enjoy the Roku and my new TV together. Though I was using it for a long, I didn’t remember the complete steps.

I searched the internet and saw complicated steps that were just wasting time. I remembered the steps after taking referee and wrote them so you can pair your Roku and sync it. You won’t need a pairing button to sync with these steps either. See my offered steps and decide for yourself.

So keep reading!.

How To Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing ButtonRoku Remote Without Pairing Button

If you want to sync the Roku remote without using the pairing button, then you don’t have to worry. Just downloads the Roku app from the play or app store if you are using an iPhone.

Then link the mobile using the app with the Roku device. It won’t be difficult. The app will guide you in linking by displaying steps on your smartphone. Now access the TV’s settings by using the app on the phone.

Go to settings. You will see the remote and device options. Select it. After that, the pair new device option will appear. Simply select the device option.

The Roku device will automatically be connected to the remote and you are good at operating the Roku device as you want. You can change the remote if you want and do the same settings with it.

Using a smartphone

If you don’t want to use the pairing button or the pairing button is not working, you can use your smartphone or tablet to connect the Roku device and sync it however you want. Though the phone connection will require a Wi-Fi connection, it’s very easy.

Downloading Roku App

Start by connecting your phone with Wi-Fi. You can see the Wi-Fi option by scrolling in settings. If you are using an iPhone, then app store.

Download the app, search for the Roku app and it will appear on the top. Just press the download option and it will start downloading immediately. It’ll install really fast.

Wi-Fi connectionWi-Fi connection

The first thing in connecting with the Roku device after downloading the app is Wi-Fi. With the phone and with the Roku device. Both the phone and Roku device should be connected to Wi-Fi.

You should connect the Roku device with the Wi-Fi you connected your smartphone to. The same Wi-Fi connection is necessary for using the phone with the Roku device.


After connecting, open the Roku app. In the Roku app scroll and look for the remote option. Select the remote option. The remote option when selected will help you control the Roku device as a remote from the smartphone.

You will not need an actual remote, but just the app. Using your smartphone, find the setting option and select it. In settings, you will see remote and device options being displayed on your TV.

Choose the remote and devices option. You will see the Pair new device option after that. Pair a new device option to go further. The Roku device will start searching the nearby area.

If any compatible remote device is found, it will be detected by the Roku device. If the remote is in working condition, the remote will automatically be connected to the Roku device. You will need a new remote if the old one doesn’t work.

The last word

The connection between a Roku device and a remote is easy. You can use the pair button. But if you don’t want to see the pair button, you can always use your smartphone to control the device and make it connect with a remote manually.

The steps for establishing remote and Roku device connections and syncing them are written above.


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