Tcl Roku TV Black Screen Fix

Tcl Roku TV Black Screen Fix. Power-related problems and problems with cables are usually what cause a black screen. Fixing the power and getting wires back in a set position is the best way to fix the TCL Roku black screen. Other Tcl problems are explained.

I wanted to watch a new Netflix series that came out on my Tcl Roku TV. But the TV screen of my Tcl Roku was black. I was annoyed. My movie night was ruined because of the black screen.

I looked at the screen problem on google but it was limited. I contacted Roku customer service. They explained why a black screen may have occurred. I listened, and they told me the solution as well. I fixed my TV.

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Tcl Roku TV Black Screen FixTV Black Screen Fix

First, find the reason the Tcl Roku screen is black. Check the cord. Check the power or look at the screen for visible damage. Software bugs are common when the screen is misbehaving.

The black light of the TV may be failing and this won’t allow the screen to show anything else. The output or the input wires are damaged. The TV circuit, meaning the motherboard, may not perform well.

The connections may be wrong, and the TV may not be attached in the correct manner. The ports may be intervened. The Tv can also be in sleep mode and thus the screen appears black. Wrong settings may cause it. The TV may not be attached.

No power

Power to all electrical appliances is crucial. If electric appliances do not receive any electricity, they won’t turn on. The same goes for the TCL Roku TV. If the power is turned off or the cord isn’t inserted in the outlet, then the TV won’t power on. If the power is gone from the main board, then the black screen remains.

If the Roku TV is showing a black screen because of power, plug the TV correctly into the outlets. The outlet will give Roku TV power. The outlet must be turned on for that.

If the power is not being received from the main board. Turn the breakers. The power will start coming as soon as they are turned. In case of brown out, wait for the electricity to return.

HDMI cableHDMI cable

A high-dimension multimedia interface provides audio and video to the user. The HDMI cables need to be inserted in the correct port if you want to see the video and hear high-definition audio.

Sometimes the user accidentally swaps the cables on one end and thus the screen doesn’t even start. The audio cable is just for audio and the video cable is for video. So when the cables are swapped, both audio and video don’t work and you get a black screen.

You just need to check the HDMI port and insert the correct cables. If the audio cable goes into the audio port and the video cable in the video port, then the display will appear.

If the HDMI cables are damaged, the screen will remain black even with correct insertion. Replace the HDMI cable if damaged.

Software bug

Sometimes a software bug interferes with the screen, and the black screen appears. If the bug is strong, it will interfere with all the settings. The bug can turn the sleep mode on and you’ll think the screen is not working. If the software bug is your problem.

Then reinstalling the firmware or updating to the latest firmware will solve the black screen error in TCL Roku. You can also troubleshoot the software by using the guide or customer care.

Failed black light

Some devices use a black light on the display. The black light shows the image on the TV screen. Sometimes the black light doesn’t work and you cannot see the display on the black screen.

If the black light is failing, restart the TV. If it fails again, get a professional to replace the black light and repair your Roku TV.

The last word

TCL Roku showing a black screen or having a black screen is a pretty common problem. Still, the problems aren’t explained and a proper solution isn’t given for this problem. So the black screen problem is explained in detail and a solution is given for the black screen problem.

If you have a bug, then the new update will fix it. If the cables are inserted wrong. You can reinsert them. You can get the black light repaired easily as well.

The guide shows basic black troubleshooting problems. Customer care will guide you if the problem persists, you can take this to an expert or the designated shop for better care.

How to fix Black screen

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