How to remove a tub spout that’s stuck

How to remove a tub spout that’s stuck. Plumbing sometimes becomes a hard task, especially when any part becomes stubborn/ stuck.

It’s really hard to deal with tub spouts that are stuck but actually, it’s not impossible. It’s a doable task, you can do it yourself by using proper tools like wrenches and pliers. Include Personnel protective equipment into your tools list.

Well, each type of tub spout has different methods and techniques to remove them. depending on the tub spout you can select the right method, for a screw-on you can do it by hand while the slip-on spout needs a screw to be removed. Keep reading the article to remove your stuck tub spout.

How to remove a tub spout that’s stuck
remove a tub spout that's stuck

To remove the tub spout that is stuck you first need to identify your tub spout type and proper tools. Mostly there are screw-on tub spouts and slip-on tub spouts.

Tools required open a tub spout

  • Wrench pipe
  • Towels or cloth
  • Pair of Heat safe gloves
  • Allen wrench
  • Hairdryer for heating purposes

Stop water supply

Well, the very first step is to turn off the water supply. That is the most important step to avoid any mess, switch off the water supply valve and you can also turn off the water supply for the whole house.Stop water supply

To ensure that the water supply is switched off, turn on the spout to empty the containing water.

Cover your drain with some cloth or towel, this will help you from any unpleasant odors and the tools will safe.

 Try to Remove the spout

After cutting off the water supply, the next step is dealing with the stubborn spout. Take proper tools with you and start the job.

Allen wrench is of very importance for Opening the spout, taking the wrench, and moving it clockwise direction, you will see the screw begin to loosen.

What if the spout is not Cooperating? Well, when you see the spout is still stubborn and doesn’t want to loosen.

Apply a lit bit of pressure and start twisting the tap sideways. Remember the force and pressure should not exceed the limit, as it may cause more serious problems.

Finally, the spout will open after some struggle with pressure and Force. But if all efforts are not producing the desired result proceed to the next step.

Apply heat: use regular hair dryers

A regular hairdryer can be used as a source of heat, and even sometimes it proved effective. Take all safety measures like PPE and caution while dealing with electricity.

Turn on the hairdryer and aim at the faucet spout for a few minutes. This process will provide sufficient heat and the spout may expand as needed.

Don’t touch the spout without heat safety gloves or wait for some time to normalize the temperature. Take a wrench and twist the spout with moderate pressure and force until the spout starts to loosen.

Think of vinegar to remove calcificationThink of vinegar to remove calcification

Vinegar is a goon agent for tub spout calcification. One of the main reasons could be calcification.

Try using vinegar to remove calcification and then the spout will be easily open/removed.

Take a soft cloth or towel and soak it in household vinegar, now wrap the towel around the stubborn tub spout.

Wait for a few hours and it will remove the calcification, and the tub spout will easily be removed.


A stuck tub spout is a challenging task, but it can be done easily. sometimes it happens you find it hard to remove the tub spout.

The first thing is to identify the spout type, then proceed to the next steps. Take proper safety cautions to deal with the stubborn tub spouts.

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