How to remove gorilla glue from hands

How to remove gorilla glue from hands. Gorilla glue is among one of the strongest glues on the market, and it holds things very strongly.

Gorilla glue has the best feature to stick anything and any kind of surface. The challenging task is to clean gorilla glue from the skin when you have a mess made with the gorilla glue.

If you have made any contact with gorilla glue with your skin, most probably the hands, it seems impossible to remove the glue.

But actually, you can do it with proper knowledge. If your skin gets gorilla glue, wipe it off as quickly as you can do, otherwise, it will be a little harder to remove.

How to remove gorilla glue from handsremove gorilla glue from hands

You can remove gorilla glue from your hands when it’s in wet form, and immediately wipe it off from your hands. Else if the glue has hardened you can use acetone to remove the glue from your hands.

Dip cotton balls into the acetone and rub your skin where glue is stuck. You can also use citrus fruits to remove the gorilla glue from your skin.

Use any moisturizing oil or lotion after treating gorilla glue.

Wipe off gorilla glue in wet condition

The best time to remove gorilla glue from the skin is when it’s in a wet condition.  First of all, remove the glue in soft form with a soft cloth and paper towel.

Scrub your hands with soap, Prefer liquid soap like dishwashing soap, and remove the glue’s residue.

Take salt and rub your hands to remove any remaining glue.  After scrubbing your hands, you may have dry skin, take moisturizer to oil your skin.

If the spilled guerilla glue has hardened, you may need to apply other methods, without causing any damage to skin or pain.

Use lemon or citrus fruits remove gorilla glue from your hands

Lemon contains citric acid and it is very effective to remove hardened glue from the hands. Although, other citrus fruits like grapefruits, lime, and oranges are also used for removing glue off your skin.

If lemon reacts with the glue, it will break the glue down, and you can easily get rid of the glue.

  • Take a juicy lemon and cut it into two pieces. Extract the lemon juice into a bowl by squeezing it.
  • Directly apply the lemon juice over the skin and rub it gently.
  • Keep rubbing the juice over the glue until you see the glue disintegrating from the skin.
  • You may need to repeat the method if the glue is not coming out.
  • Once all glue is removed and your skin is free of glue, wash your hands under warm running water with soapy liquid.
  • Check if your skin is still stinging, and treat your skin with cold water.

Acetone to remove gorilla glueAcetone to remove gorilla glue

Acetone is a chemical compound used for many reasons whether you want to remove nail polish or something else.

Acetone is most effective for removing gorilla glue from any surface and even your skin.

One drawback of acetone is that it can dry your skin, so it’s advised to use oil after using the acetone.

  • Before Using acetone, wash your hands with warm soapy water to make them wet.
  • Take soft Cotton balls or some soft cloth and pour acetone on them.
  • Apply the acetone over the affected area of the hands, and rub in a circular motion to get rid of gorilla glue.
  • Again, pour acetone over a new cotton ball and rub your hand gently until all gorilla glue goes off.
  • Wash your hands with warm water and liquid soap to remove acetone and gorilla glue.
  • Take a good moisturizer like lotions or oil and apply it to your hands, to avoid the direness of your hands.

Use Alcohol to remove gorilla glueUse Alcohol to remove gorilla glue

Alcohol is the best solution for the gorilla glue on your skin. Take a bowl of warm water and mix some soap in it. Stir the soap until it makes a bubble on the bowl’s top.

Place your hands in the solution for at least 5-10 minutes and wait.

Check if the glue is softened, take a cotton swab, dip it into the alcohol, and rub it over your hands. Alcohol will dissolve gorilla glue and it will come off easily.


How to remove gorilla glue from hands. Gorilla glue is dangerous for the skin and it can create dryness in the skin. Gorilla glue can easily be removed, in a wet condition, but if it gets hardened it demands extra effort. The use of soap makes the cleaning job easier. it’s better to use oil or lotion to keep your skin oily.

Use of Acetone, lemon juice, and alcohol are among the best agents in removing gorilla glue, but repeated use can cause dryness. Avoid using baking soda and vinegar as it makes the gorilla glue harder.

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