How to clean hunter douglas silhouettes in bathtub

How to clean hunter douglas silhouettes in bathtub. Hunter Douglas is the shade used on the windows to give them shade and get relief from the sunlight. These shades are primarily in your rooms, bathroom, living, TV launch, etc.

As they are in the area you regularly clean and some dust remains on them, this dust sometimes creates more issues, and sometimes poop of the insects leaves spots on these hunter Douglas silhouettes.

Some spots or the marks and the smell are also not eliminated, so you must clean it deeply to remove all these things and make your shades clean and tidy.

How to clean hunter douglas silhouettes in bathtubclean hunter douglas silhouettes in bathtub

The process which is used for the cleaning of the Hunter Douglas Silhouettes in the bathtub is simple, but here are some things which are used for the removal of these things. The procedure is given below for cleaning these shades.

Step 1: Take shades out

This is the first step; you have to take the shades out from the window, where they are placed. If you want to clean these shades in the bathtub, then you must remove them from the place and start working.

You have to take them out hope, so you know how to remove them. This procedure is, I think, straightforward, and you have to do it very quickly; this is not very complex. They are attached to the window like the curtains are hung.

Step 2: Shake like dusting or use a vacuum

When you have removed your shades from the windows, you have to take them and shake them like you are removing dust from them.

Here most of the mud or the dust, and feces of insects, which are usually on the shades, are removed, and just the stains remain. Now the task you are going to fulfill is you have to remove these stains from the shades.

Another thing you can use the remove the dust is you should use the vacuum or the dryer if you do not want to shake the shade as you may think that this dust falls on you and is not suitable for your skin. This is maybe the cause of irritation for you as this is ugly.

Step 3: Fill the bathtubFill the bathtub

In this step, when you vacuum the Hunter Douglas silhouettes, the procedure goes to the next step, and in this step, you have to fill the water in the bathtub.

Fill water as is needed, not fill extra if you fill extra water, then you may be wasting this water, so fill what is necessary. Water is necessary to leave shades in it.

Step 4: Add cleaner

Now the water you want is filled in the tub here you have to add the cleaner which you think best for removing the stains from that type of material if you are a house lady or the person who usually does this work, so you have the information about it that which type of cleaning material is best.

So add this cleaner to the tub water, which you think is enough for cleaning the Hunter Douglas silhouettes.

Here are two situations related to adding the cleaning material is that you add a small amount of cleaner if stains are not deep if stains are deep, then you have to use the more cleaner, which is good for the removal of the stains and also good for the complete cleaning.

Step 5: Put the shade in the tub and leave

Now when you add water and cleaner to the bathtub, put the shades in that solution and leave it for a time. That is about 15 to 20 minutes.

This time is enough for the shade to clean, but you have to check if they are cleaned after, so it’s good. You must leave them for more time if they are not completely clean.

Step 6: Rub them and take out

Now that the stains are the situation that they are removed easily, you have to take them out from that solution and rub them for the removal of the stains.

This rubbing is necessary for the stains which are stuck and not removed by leaving it in the solution. So rub these stains and take the shades out from the water solution. This procedure is enough for the cleaning of the hunter Douglas silhouettes.

Step 7: Rinse

This is the last step; in this step, you have to remove the hunter Douglas silhouettes from the water solution after rubbing and then rinse it. Rinsing with water is the main thing that indicates the cleaning will end.

Rinse the shades thoroughly with plenty of water. After rinsing, you have to put it in the sunlight area and leave it for a time; in that time, the shades are appropriately set and get dry. Now you can again attach them to the window.

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