Faucets leaks at base when turned on

Faucets leaks at base when turned on. In the kitchen sometimes the faucets start to leak there will be many reasons behind it.

The faucets are used to tighten the grip of the water and prevent them from the heavy flow. The faucets are very useful for the water pressure it is used to maintain the water pressure in the pipes and sometimes the faucets may get any problem.

Which will cause the pressure of the waterless or it may make the water pressure too high which will cause the problem to the pipes. And if the faucets get damaged it will cause the leaking into your pipes.

Faucets leaks at base when turned onFaucets leaks at base

There are many ways through which you will easily solve the problem of faucets leaks:

Materials and instruments required

1. Screwdriver or any type of knife.

2. Any type of towel.

3. pilers for slip joints and Adjest wrench.

4. O-ring replacement.

By using these you can easily open the faucets and clean them properly.

1. Faucets handleFaucets handle

First, you have to remove the cover from the screw of that handle you have to remove the cover with the help of a knife or a screwdriver.

Then remove the screw with the help of a wrench don’t remove the screw fully and if you screw the whole screw then make sure to not let the screw in the drain or not that screw. Then you have to lift the handle out.

2. The spout

The second step is to remove the spout. It is the rounded-shaped dome that connects it with the handle and the spout is very tight to the place.

It is very difficult to remove but not impossible first you have to push it out if the spout Screw is pushed in then you have to move it with the help of the screwdriver if it comes out a little use the wrench and towel to remove it fully.

Lift out the spout with the help of a towel then remove the excess water around the o-ring again with the help of a towel or kitchen towel.

3. O-ring Faucet

Then there comes the o-ring which is the main point of the faucet. The o-ring has also to be removed and you have to put the new one instead of that old o-ring and the o-ring is not that expensive they are very cheap in price.

First, you have to remove the o-ring and you have to clean the grooves of that o-ring than you have to grease the new o-ring and the grooves of the o-ring and put it instead of the old one. And carefully apply the new one.

4. Spout and handle connecting back

After connecting the new o-ring instead of the old one you also need to install the spout and the handle but you do not need to install the new spout or the handle because the spout and handle are not that cheap like the o-ring.

Before putting the spout in the place you have to clean it first and make sure to grease it as well and then you have to put it 0n the o-ring and you have to put fore for applying it in the o-ring because the o-ring in the new one. But by putting the force on them you have to make sure to not damage the spout.

Then you have to clean the handle and put it in the place where it was connected at first with the help of a wrench and screwdriver.


These are the steps through which you will easily get rid of the leaking faucets when the base is turned on. These are easy to be used and you will quickly find the solution to the problem. In the above article there will be the most useful steps of solving this problem and replacing the o-ring.

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